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TheraPee by Dr. Sagie - The Online Home Enuresis Treatment

Therapee is a computerized online system for bedwetting treatment combined with StoPee - The most advanced and safest bedside bedwetting alarm on the market. It is the first and only online bedwetting treatment in the world, allowing every child worldwide to achieve outstanding results in the comfort of their own home. It duplicates Dr. Sagie’s “face-to-face” treatment, which has a success rate of more than 90%. The development team transferred Dr. Sagie’s treatment model into a state-of-the-art Interactive Enuresis software program. By identifying and aggregating every possible scenario that the therapist might face in the clinic, TheraPee employing sophisticated and complex algorithms. Through those algorithms, the online tool can offer similar responses to those given in our clinics.The system analyzes the data provided by the parents through a "virtual chart" and the algorithm chooses the right response.
The patient watches the response via pre-recorded video clips wherethe "virtual therapist” addresses the patient and his parents, gives feedback concerning the patient’sprogress, outlines assignments and presents statistic reporting progress.

Brands: TheraPee – The only computerized online system for bedwetting treatment. Combined with: StoPee - The most advanced and safest bedside bedwetting alarm, is an integral part of TheraPee.

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