CryoIQ Inc

Fort Myers,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1047

The affordable cryosurgical device

CryoIQ introduces a compact, portable, reusable cryosurgical device with interchangeable applicators for pinpoint delivery of the nitrous oxide cryogen to the skin lesion. The device allows the pediatrician to treat a variety of skin lesions such as warts and molluscum contagiosum effectively in a matter of seconds and without pain. The reusable instrument and the disposable nitrous oxide cartridges are extremely affordable which will considerable reduce the expense of a skin treatment. The CryoIQ device is always ready to use, the cartridges have a built-in valve and allow the pediatrician to attach and remove them at any time from the device. The cartridges come with a no- leakage guarantee, if preferred they can be stored between treatments. The gas  flow is only activated when the cartridge is attached to the device and the lever is pushed downwards.

A CryoIQ decice offers the pediatrician an effective, affordable skin lesion treatment with better patient care.

Brands: CryoIQ® Pro

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