Blueberry Pediatrics

Mountain View,  CA 
United States
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Welcome to Blueberry Pediatrics!

Welcome to Blueberrry Pediatrics!

As everyday practicing physicians, we essentially offer 24/7 care to our patients for free, regardless of weekends or holidays, while handling everything on only a telephone, and losing our patients to walk in clinics, urgent cares and emergency rooms.  Its time to take a stand!  We offer a team of board certified physicians and professional ex-Google engineers  from around the country to help.  With our platform, we can cover your call for as long or as little as you like, and use patented cutting edge software to keep your patients in your clinic and maintain the continuity of care.  We only employ board certified physicians and have multi specialty practioners.  Furthermore, we will turn your practice into a conceirge service, without alientating your patients or costing them a fortune.  Lastly, with our model, you will actually get paid for being on call.  As physicians ourselves, we are here to help in the most difficult aspects of providing high quality care at all hours, taking not only the patient into consideration, but you and your practice as well!

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