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Got The D? G6PD Deficiency, an easily overlooked diagnosis

The g6pd Deficiency Foundation

Glucose-6-Phosphate -Dehydrogenase - deficiency (G6PDd) is the most commonly inherited enzyme deficiency in the world. Despite this fact, this condition is not widely considered in the medical community. To address this need, the g6pd Deficiency Foundation was created. Through this non-profit organization, it is our goal to offer medical professionals, and those impacted by the condition, access to a rich variety of educational information about G6PDd & Newborns. 

  • Our website is continuously updated with accurate information on G6PDd
  • We have created a survey in an attempt to learn from those diagnosed with the deficiency
  • We are designing a G6PDd CME course pertaining to the dangers of unaddressed jaundice/kernicterus in newborns
  • We offer free office handouts with G6PDd information for enzyme deficient individuals 

FACT:  Over 5%of the world's population is G6PD deficient. The overall frequency of G6PD deficiency in the USA is between 4 and 7% but in African-American males the prevalence is about 12%

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Brands: G6PDd Survey for diagnosed individuals (object: to learn from those who have G6PDd) G6PDd CME Course

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