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Improve the conditions for eating, drinking and speech.

Letsip`s products are motivational tools for the improvement of: mimicry, clearer speech, eating and drinking functionality, sensitivity and oral hygiene. Letsip® is not a new method, but a set of tools for adults and children. Letsip can thus be used as a part of several different treatments, and facilitates varied and functional training.

A lot of mouth breathers find it easier to train with the Letsip® products, due to the opening allowing for free breathing.

The different sizes of the Letsip® products gives different exercises for cheeks and lips. The biggest stimulates large parts of the cheek. The smallest exercise the lips more whilst stabilizing the cheeks.

Letsip® products can also suit children with difficulties articulating, where the child doesn´t benefit from regular articulation training. This includes children with dyspraxia, sensory challenges and fronting/backing issues. Letsip tools can be an aid in the work with basic speech requirements.

Letsip’s products are based on general research on the topics of motor learning, sensory stimulation, strength and mobility training.

Brands: Letsip® has developed products with focus on the difficulties of people in all ages. DS, CP, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, muscular sclerosis, debilitations or reduced sensory function.


  • Letsip® V-Series Pack with 6 Mouthpieces
    Letsip V-series, can be used as stimulation pens whilst having regulating therapy of face. Suitable for: facialis pareses, hypotoni, Down´s syndrome, CP, neuro therapy, Parkinson´s, MS etc.


  • When several people cooperate on giving facial stimulation the pressure will often be perceived as different, this is equalized through the use of propper equipment.

    The strong sonic vibrations will penetrate deeply into the musculature and give increased activity if quick impulse changes are given.

    Long term stimulation of the same muscle will also reduce tension and tonus.

    The handle has five different levels: Strong, Medium, Sensitiv, Pulse1 og  Pulse 2.

    Sonic pulse technique : up to 48.000 impulses/min.

  • Letsip® K-Serie Big pack
    Letsip® K-series exercises and stimulates the tounge through moving of the ball....

  • Letsip® K-series are extra large tongue exercisers, with a 10mm/.39" ball. The purpose of this is to make it easier for the user to find the ball in his or her mouth and practice moving the ball in the desired direction, depending on the exercise being performed.

    For some users the Letsip® K-series can fully replace oral motor exercising plates for strengthening the tip of the tongue and lateral movement of the tongue.

    The K-series can strengthen the tongue before articulation training. The different sounds created with the tip of the tongue (e.g. L, N and R), at the roof of the mouth (e.g. D and T) and with the mouth closed (e.g. B, P and M), can all become better with the use of K-series.

    The K-series can contribute to a better lift of the tip of the tongue and give exercise at lateral movement, thus improving eating, mastication, chewing et.c.