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TeachTown is exclusively focused on providing solutions for students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and emotional and behavioral disorders. Through computer-delivered and teacher-led ABA instruction, TeachTown Basics is a research-based and scientifically proven solution that engages and motivates while increasing student independence.TeachTown Social Skills is a comprehensive character-based video-modeling curriculum that teaches students how to listen, respect personal space, express emotions appropriately and more. 

BE SAFE is a video-modeling curriculum for teens and young adults that provides skills neccessary to safely respond to community officers and emergency personnel.

Meta-Play, based on the Dynamic Behavior theory of Autism (DBTA) and ABA, is a curriculum that focuses on developmentally appropriate play behavior that fosters imagination, pretend play and supports developing social interactions.

Our products are web-enabled and can be used on a variety of devices such as tablets, laptops, and whiteboards so that data can be captured anytime and anywhere.

Brands: Meta-Play TeachTown Basics TeachTown Elementary Social Skills TeachTown Middle School Social Skills BE SAFE ABA Pro TeachTown RBT Course


  • Meta-Play
    Meta-Play provides systematic early intervention to students aged 18 months to four years old with behavioral disorders, intellectual disability and Austism Spectrum Disorder to increase appropriate social behavior.

  • The Meta-Play Method offers a systematic approach to fostering the development of imagination and
    play skills in young children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), intellectual disabilities,
    developmental delays, and social and emotional disabilities. By creating meaningful and purposeful
    play for young learners with disabilities, Meta-Play provides educators, practitioners,
    and families with a comprehensive play-based curriculum that systematically fosters the development
    of imaginative thinking, pretend play, and age-appropriate social skills.
    Developed to meet the needs of educators, practitioners, therapists, and parents in early
    intervention and preschool classrooms
    The activities and materials embedded throughout the
    curriculum promote and foster:
    • Imagination from object existence to more abstract human imagining
    • Engagement that is out of the learners’ control or unpredictability
    • Movement on the object-to-human continuum
    • Movement on the part-to-whole continuum
  • TeachTown Social Skills
    Elementary Social Skills in an engaging curriculum designed to teach children skills to improve social interaction. Middle School Social Skills teaches social skills with a focus on increasing emotional intelligence and building self-management skills....

  • TeachTown Elementary Social Skills and TeachTown Middle School Social Skills programs provide educators with fun, attention-grabbing materials and strategies to teach essential social skills to students.  The curricula teach appropriate, positive social behaviors, allowing students to flourish in inclusive environments.  With a video-modeling episode for each targeted social skill, students are able to view appropriate social interactions as demonstrated by an engaging cast of characters, and the teacher-driven lesson plans enable students to then practice these skills in a natural setting.