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ECG-telemonitoring medical t-shirt via smartphone

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Delivering comfortable, smart digital, textile garments sensing hospital-quality, 3-to-15 lead ECGs for continuous inpatient-outpatient monitoring, and home healthcare using smartphones and other telemetry modalities.

hWear garments feature interwoven textile electrodes requiring no adhesives, no gels, and no shaving preparations. These t-shirt garments are machine washable and sense respiration and other vital signs.

MasterCaution® monitor & control attached to the side pocket, analyzes actual ECG signals in real-time generating an automatic early alert if problems arise. The alert can inform the user and be sent to the smartphone via Bluetooth and into predefined medical professionals or remote telemonitoring services. 

Experience the future of personalized medicine for yourself.

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hWear is CE & FDA-registered. MasterCaution Device has CE and 510K clearence.

hWear is CE & FDA-registered. MasterCaution not yet approved in US.

Brands: MasterCaution® Monitor-and-Control; hWear™ Textile Garments