Norsk Telemedisin AS

  • Booth: 2522

Changing the way you communicate about your health

Our technology will allow elderly to live longer in their home, by:
  • Enabling them to communicate socially with their family, and with medical care service
  • Providing medical specialists to the patients home, rather than patients must make an inconvenient transportation to the doctor
Manage a distributed sensor network for “In-Home Monitoring” by
  • Using technology to monitor typical conditions
  • Give warnings on abnormal conditions
  • Increase safety and quality of life
  • Provide superior privacy and data security – With superior usability
  • Historical data can be retrieved from a secure source any time by authorized personnel
Unlike the "Internet of things”, where all the sensors each have their own direct connection to the Internet, our technology will be a single point of connection to the internet, with centralized security policies and protocols.

Brands: Norsk Telemedisin and Blink