Pt Pal

Dallas,  TX 
United States
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Start managing your patients outside of the care setting.

Patient Pal Extends and Improves Clinical Interventions Beyond the Care Setting

Right now, even the most technologically advanced healthcare providers provide patients only with paper or verbal instructions for self-care tasks and are only using self-report to monitor adherence to the tasks they are given by their clinician. Patient Pal (Pt Pal) helps providers and patients by creating a clinical mobile solution that aids patients by keeping the patients and clinicians connected, allowing the patient record to travel with the patient and by standardizing patient centered outcomes.

Patient Pal is redefining the way clinicians, payers and other stakeholders document patient compliance and adherence to at-home treatment plans, while improving patient engagement & driving down costs for the entire healthcare system.


Using a combination of video, text, and wearable technologies in a patient-friendly way Pt Pal creates a real-time link between clinician and patient. Creating better continuity of care for patients while permitting both higher quality of care and documentation of health improvements, both central to improving patient outcomes.