Quanta Computer, Inc.

Tao Yuan Shien, 
  • Booth: 1736

QOCA™ is borrowed from the name of the happiest animal in the world — Quokka.   Quanta Research Institute, the advanced research arm of Quanta Computer Inc., develops connected health solutions with the goal to bring happier experiences to the world. The solutions span from home telehealth & telecare solution (QOCA home™), bedside video telemedicine solution (QOCA med™), patient infotainment terminals (QOCA bedside™), and more.   QOCA™ aims to  elevate the experience of care to be user friendly, immediate,  interactive, and satisfactory. All QOCA™ solutions share a common theme to enable ubiquitous connectedness among the care receivers, care providers, families, and community to form a harmonic circle of care. It is accomplished through QOCA™’s core cloud-based technologies for scalable realtime video and communication capabilities across optimized QOCA™ client devices, smartphones, tablets, web clients, and future wearable devices to allow all-around interactions in the most natural way for different scenarios.

Brands: QOCA™ aims to help elevate the experience of care to be more user friendly, more immediate, more interactive, and more satisfactory with peace of mind.