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Integrate HIPAA complaint MDConsults with your technologies

·         Tech4Life Enterprises introduces world’s leading telemedicine solution, MDConsults, to the US markets. MDConsults is a highly innovative HIPAA complaint web and mobile based telemedicine platform, effectively used for online consultations in both high and low bandwidth environments. MDConsults can be used for store & forward and live consultation, along with transferring DICOM compatible images. MDConsults APIs are also available for integration with the existing EMR solutions and other health information systems for the hospitals or small clinic settings.

‘eSteth’ is a highly dynamic, innovative & first ever Plug-n-Play digital stethoscope, which can capture, amplify and transmit sounds in real-time, using most communication platforms. It is available in two models, ‘eSteth Pro’ and ‘eSteth Lite’ to assist specialized physician as well as the frontline workers respectively. This CE-certified product will be available soon in North American markets. Tech4Life Enterprises is looking for partners for launching both MDConsults and eSteth in US.

Brands: MDConsults is the fastest growing integrated web and mobile based telemedicine application.eSteth is the next generation, plug n play digital stethoscope for better diagnosis and transferring sounds