Bongiovi Medical and Health Technologies

Port St. Lucie,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1314

Advancing sound in medicine - Hear the difference

Bongiovi Medical & Health Technologies (BMHT) applies its patented Medical Digital Power StationTM audio processing algorithm and its novel auscultation devices to medical and health applications. BMHT has created a significant portfolio of intellectual property in medicine.

BMHT has developed both software and hardware solutions that significantly improve intelligibility in communication systems. In one case, we improved intelligibility in a telemedicine system by 62%. Improved intelligibility may lead to more efficient telemedicine sessions, more accurate transcriptions, and decreased medical errors.


BMHT is also conducting research on how to process biological sounds in order to provide the clinician with more information. Current clinical trials are focused on heart sounds and on dysphagia. We are able to make medical “sound-alikes” easier to differentiate and can extract additional information from an audio signal that was previously not audible.


BMHT. We are Sound MedicineTM