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United States
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Helping Patients and Family Caregivers Improve Outcomes

Patients and family caregivers play a critical role in health outcomes, particularly during transitions and complex condition management.  Improving their contribution is our core mission. 

CareGeneral was specifically designed to engage, educate, monitor and support patients and family caregivers of any language and literacy level, helping them more confidently and effectively contribute to their own care management. By promoting self-management and helping patients and their caregivers better understand their roles and responsibilities, CareGeneral helps stakeholders lower costs, increase quality and achieve better patient experiences. 

Through a HIPAA-compliant, EHR-agnostic patient engagement platform, CareGeneral facilitates patient and caregiver education, self-reporting, care plan tracking, and secure multi-party communication for private discussions, task alerts and reminders, and care plan sharing and tracking.  Delivered through a simple, easy-to-use mobile and web-based interface, CareGeneral gives your team the tools required to successfully engage, direct, and support patients and their caregivers.

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