Melbourne,  VIC 
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Clinicloud. Bringing healthcare home.

Clinicloud develops connected medical devices with the vision of empowering patients to play a more active role in the management of their health and having more informed relationships with their doctors. Clinicloud's first product, a connected medical kit, contains two important diagnostic tools; a non-contact thermometer and a digital stethoscope, which work in conjunction with a smartphone app. The Clinicloud thermometer combines next generation infrared technology with Bluetooth connectivity to take temperature readings easily and accurately, without the need for skin contact.  The Clinicloud stethoscope plugs into a smartphone and records high quality sounds of the heart and lungs. The device is particularly useful for capturing signs of heart failure, asthma, pneumonia and other respiratory and heart conditions so that these conditions can be diagnosed and monitored at home. Users can share Clinicloud recordings with their own physician or select providers within the app. The physician is then able to access a web portal with the users temperature, heart and lung sounds. Patient data is stored on our HIPAA compliant platform.

Brands: Clinicloud non-contact thermometer, stethoscope and smartphone application (for iOS and Android)