Diversity Telehealth, LLC

Kansas City,  MO 
United States
  • Booth: 2503

Diversity Telehealth connects telehealth to ALL communities!

How prepared are you to promote your telemedicine solutions to other cultures? Diversity Telehealth brings telehealth services to all communities, no matter how distant or destitute.  Telehealth is becoming more widespread in a variety of communities and among diverse populations. Diversity Telehealth provides telehealth consulting to organizations to increase cultural awareness of their clients. Stop by booth #2503 to get details on how Dr. Shelley Cooper delivers cultural infusion into training materials and telemedicine facility design. She also provides understanding of interactions with diverse patient populations. Dr. Cooper is participating in ATA Poster Session 5/15. Topic: The Importance of Cultural Infusion in Designing a Community-Based Health Center

Diversity Telehealth also brings telemedicine into underserved areas such as school-based health centers, community health centers and non-traditional locations. Chronic health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease affect people of color more often than the majority population. Medicare/Medicaid will reimburse for many of these telemedicine solutions.  

Brands: Diversity Telehealth Needs Assessment Diversity Telehealth Cultural Analysis Cultural Infusion in Training Materials