1000 Islands International Tourism Council 1818
1867 Confederation Log Homes E-340
Abacus Furniture Design E-341
ABYC (American Boat & Yacht Council) 1751
Action Marine Service 851
Action Marine Service 1001
Action Marine Service G-898
Adriatic Machine and Tool Ltd. 1600
Advanced Marine Lake Bellwood 1035
Advanced Marine Lake Bellwood 1135
Advanced Marine Lake Bellwood 1250
Advanced Marine Lake Bellwood E-125
Advanced Marine Lake Bellwood E-220
Advanced Marine Lake Bellwood E-540
Advanced Marine Lake Bellwood G-835
Adventure Sailing Plus Ltd. 1629
Ahoy Captain Yachting Services S-5
Alpine Lawn & Garden Equipment Inc. 901
Alumacraft Boat Co. 1250
Alumacraft Boat Co. G-835
Amazing Mat (dist by Designs by Dori) E-426
Anchor Line Marine G-141
Anchor Yacht Sales Ltd. 1631
Anchors Away Custom Boat Bedding G-150
Angling Outfitters G-561
Anstruther Lake Marina E-125
Anstruther Lake Marina E-220
Anstruther Lake Marina E-540
Apex Cycle Sports Inc. 901
April Marine Canada 1706
Aqua - Tek G-353
Aqua Bay Ltd. G-275
Aqua Bay Ltd. G-365
Aqua Lily Products Canada ULC E-522
Aquadome G-165
Arctic Spas E-117
At the Lake (ATL) Distributing E-540
Atkins & Hoyle Ltd. G-504
Atlantic Towers & St. Croix Marine Products G-457
Bala Cove Marina 1101
Bala Cove Marina 1776
Bala Cove Marina 1864
Bancroft Sport & Marine 451
Bancroft Sport & Marine 935
Bancroft Sport & Marine 1001
Barrie Honda Powerhouse 901
Bay City Marine 951
Bay City Marine 1001
Bay City Marine 1051
Bay City Marine 1117
Bay City Marine 1135
Bay Marine 119
Bay Marine 124
Bay Marine 451
Bay Marine 717
Bay Marine 835
Bay Marine 1001
Bay Marine 1051
Bay Marine 1117
Bay Marine 1875
Bay Moorings Marina G-431
Bay Port Yachting Centre G-431
Bayfield Marine Services 1853
Bayliner Boats 735
Bayside Marine Insurance Brokers Ltd. 1830
Beacon Bay Marina G-431
Beneteau America - Power 736
Beneteau America - Sail B7
Bennett Powersports 451
Bennington Marine 119
Bennington Marine 124
Beta Marine Canada G-340
Big Boys With Cool Toys G-239
Bill Gostick G-141
Blind Sailing Association of Canada 1445
Blu Water Lifts G-542
Blue Beacon Marina 1101
Blue Beacon Marina 1864
Blue Chem Canada G-540
Blue Sky Marine Supply 917
Blue Sky Marine Supply 1001
Blue Sky Marine Supply 1035
Boarder Pass E-106
Boardsports E-336
Boat N Dock G-216
Boat Shield Ltd. G-209
Boatdealers.ca 1844
BOATERExam.com G-207
BoaterSkills.ca 1738
Boating Ontario 1754
Boatland Canada 1035
Boatland RV Marine G-671
BOATsmart! G-326
BoatTopsRepair G-766
Boston Whaler, Inc. 800
Bottleworx E-420
Bracebridge Yamaha 951
Bracebridge Yamaha 1035
Brad Hutchinson Sales & Service Inc. E-309
Brampton Powersports 451
Brandy's Cove Yachting Centre Inc. G-908
Breezeway Yachts 1788
Brelyn Enterprise G-563
Bridge Port Marina G-431
Bridge Yachts Ltd. 147
Bridge Yachts Ltd. 148
Bridge Yachts Ltd. 157
Bridge Yachts Ltd. 901
Bridge Yachts Ltd. 1853
Bridge Yachts Ltd. 1860
Brig Canada G-735
Brown's Marina Ltd. 1001
Brown's Marina Ltd. 1101
Brown's Marina Ltd. 1864
BRP 451
BRP 1001
Buckeye Marine 301
Buckeye Marine 551
Buckeye Marine 600
Bunk Bed Shack E-537
Bunk Bed Shack E-560
C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. 239
C.A.S. Power Marine Ltd. 1866
C02 Inflatables Midland G-847
Cabintree Builders & Electrician G-141
Cablz Engineered Eyewear Retainers G-653
Campbell's Landing 351
Campbell's Landing 1001
Campion Marine Inc. 351
Canada Propeller Inc./Piranha Canada 1825
CanadaDocks™ G-206
Canadian Boating Federation 1603
Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Central-Arctic NE-2
Canadian Electric Boat Company 1010
Canadian Hydrographic Service 1759
Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc. 251
Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons S-7
Canadian Waterfront Services E-250
Canadian Yacht Charters G-401
Canadian Yacht Tops G-526
Canadian Yachting Magazine 1720
CanDOCK Ontario G-138
Canuck Cedar Chairs E-533
Carmichael's E-511
Cathedral Bluffs Yacht Club G-613
Central Marine 147
Central Marine 148
Central Marine 157
Central Marine 170
Central Marine 635
Central Marine 1150
Central Outboard Marine 1001
Central Outboard Marine 1035
Chaparral Boats, Inc. 301
CharterAbility S-3
Chatham Marine 1853
Children's Wish G-147
Christie's Mill Inn and Spa 1797
Clarington Honda 901
Clear Environmental Products G-158
Clearwater Design 132
Clearwater Design E-201
CO2 Inflatable Boats 951
CO2 Inflatable Boats 1035
CO2 Inflatable Boats 1039
CO2 Inflatable Boats G-847
Cobalt Boats, LLC 317
Cobramask E-521
ConnectaDock.ca E-422
Costa Sunglasses G-661
Cottage Classic G-365
Cottage Friends E-200
Cottage Spot Docks E-125
Cottage Spot Docks E-220
Cottage Spot Docks E-540
Cottage Toys E-211
Cowan Insurance Group G-402
Cranberry Village-Vitality Assurance Vacations G-668
Crate Marine Belleville 1774A
Crate's Lake Country Boats 551
Crate's Lake Country Boats 641
Crawford Yachts 1774
Crest Marine 1701
Crestliner Boats 1316
Crosstown Engine Remanufacturing G-655
Crownline Boats 239
Cruisers Yachts & Cruisers Sport Series 420
Crystal Kayak Canada E-448
C-Tow Marine Assistance Ltd. G-455
Curbside Cycle E-435
Custom Swim Platforms G-906
CVTech-AAB G-406
Cypress Cay 1319
Dalrymple Docks E-125
Dalrymple Docks E-220
Dalrymple Docks E-540
Dealerplan Financial 109East
Deerhaven Farms 1101
Deerhaven Farms 1864
Desmasdon's Boatworks 138
Desmasdon's Boatworks 144
Desmasdon's Boatworks 337
Desmasdon's Boatworks 951
Desmasdon's Boatworks 1035
Desmasdon's Boatworks/Key West 1714
Dewdad Inc. E-210
Dewdad Inc. E-530
Dewildt Honda 817
Dewildt Marine and Powersports 951
Dewildt Marine and Powersports 1035
Dewildt Marine and Powersports 1135
Dewildt Marine and Powersports 1235
Dewildt Marine and Powersports 1316
Disabled Sailing Association of Ont. 1605
Discount RV & Marine 1051
Discount RV & Marine 1117
Discover Boating S-2
Discovery Dream Homes Ltd. E-338
Diversco Marine 1811
Dock HitcHinge G-654
Dock Kings / JetDock Canada / King Industries E-124
Dock Links G-506
DockinaBox® G-519
Docks Plus Temagami G-141
Dolphin Pools & BBQ's G-831
Don Hyde Marine 351
Don Hyde Marine 717
Don Hyde Marine 835
Don Hyde Marine 851
Don Hyde Marine 1001
Dream Yacht Charter 1794
Dreamcast Marine Canvas Ltd. 1762A
DT Powersports & Marine 401
DT Powersports & Marine 501
DT Powersports & Marine 745
DT Powersports & Marine 817
DT Powersports & Marine 1001
DT Powersports & Marine 1051
DT Powersports & Marine 1117
DT Powersports & Marine 1875
Dubarry of Ireland G-513
Dundas Marine Ltd. 351
Dundas Marine Ltd. 1001
Dunfords of Havelock 901
Dunfords of Havelock 951
Dunfords of Havelock 1035
Dunfords of Havelock 1135
Dunfords of Havelock G-365
Eagle Canvas Company G-601
Eastcoast Power Systems G-156
Eastern Ontario Docks G-365
Ed Huck Marine Ltd. 147
Ed Huck Marine Ltd. 148
Ed Huck Marine Ltd. 157
Ed Huck Marine Ltd. 317
Ed Huck Marine Ltd. 337
Ed Huck Marine Ltd. 451
Ed Huck Marine Ltd. 800
Ed Huck Marine Ltd. 1035
Ed Huck Marine Ltd. G-898
Eel's Lake Marina 1853
Emergmart Response Systems G-807
Endless Surf E-600
English's Trailer Sales & Service Inc. G-275
Enterprise Audelat G-141
Epifanes North America Inc. 1757
Etobicoke Yacht Club 1780
Euroshine Inc. E-532
Evergreen Boats 1775
Evolution Sails 1647
Executive Yacht 417
Executive Yacht 1419
EZ Dock Ontario Inc. E-331
EZ Loader Boat Trailers, Inc. 1709
Factory Recreation 451
Factory Recreation 603
Factory Recreation 1713
Fashionable Jewels E-442
Fenelon Falls Marina 935
Fenelon Falls Marina 951
Fenelon Falls Marina 1035
Fenelon Falls Marina 1201
First Aid Zone G-144
Flexdel G-609
FLIR - Raymarine G-346
Floating Dock G-141
Floe International G-365
Fogh Boat Supplies G-539
Fogh Marine 1339
Fogh Marine G-535
Formula Boats 111
Formula Boats 1707
Forster Instruments, Inc. G-412
Four Seasons Log Homes E-523
Four Winns 401
Four Winns 501
Frank Battaglia Enterprises Limited G-128
FreedomLift G-752
Fugawi G-351
Fusion Entertainment 1810
G Fox & Co Canada E-440
G.I. Boat Tops G-900
G3 Boats / Skeeter 1135
Gala Marine International G-727
GAM on Yachting, Inc. 1762
Gardiner Marine E-250
Garhauer Marine G-712
Garmin Inc. G-458
Gateway Powersport & Marine 1101
Gateway Powersport & Marine 1864
Gateway Powersports 451
Genco Marine Ltd. G-447
General Products Outdoor Furniture E-258
George's Marine & Sports 138
George's Marine & Sports 144
George's Marine & Sports 951
George's Marine & Sports 1035
George's Marine & Sports E-125
George's Marine & Sports E-220
George's Marine & Sports E-540
Georgian Bay Marinas G-431
Georgian Bay Today 1814
Georgian Bay Yamaha 951
Georgian Bay Yamaha 1035
Georgian Bay Yamaha 1135
Georgian Bay Yamaha G-365
Georgian Harbour Yacht Sales Inc. 1827
Georgian Shores Marina 351
Gill North America G-334
Glacier Spas Canada Inc. E-131
Glastron 817
Glenn Burney Marina 1316
GMC G-899
Godfrey/Hurricane/Sweetwater 1325
Golden Boat Lifts G-740
Golden Eagle Art Gallery E-236
Gordon Bay Marine Ltd. 147
Gordon Bay Marine Ltd. 148
Gordon Bay Marine Ltd. 157
Gordon Bay Marine Ltd. 601
Gordon Bay Marine Ltd. 602
Gordon Bay Marine Ltd. 717
Gordon Bay Marine Ltd. 735
Gordon Bay Marine Ltd. 800
Gordon Bay Marine Ltd. 835
Grady-White Boats 138
Grady-White Boats 144
Grand Marine International Inc. G-717
Grant Rope Inc. G-154
Great Lakes Cruising Club 1740A
Great Lakes Scuttlebutt G-919
Greenline Hybrid Yachts 156
H2Out Canada G-342
Haliburton Outdoor Equipment Ltd. 951
Haliburton Outdoor Equipment Ltd. 1035
Haliburton RPM 1001
Haliburton RPM G-141
Hamer Bay Marine 917
Hamer Bay Marine 1001
Handcraft Mattress Company G-347
Harbour West Marina/Storage 1746
Harcourt Park Marina 1853
Harcourt Park Marina 1866
Harper Powersport & Marine Ltd. 451
Harper Powersport & Marine Ltd. 603
Harper Powersport & Marine Ltd. 817
Harper Powersport & Marine Ltd. 1201
Harper's Marina G-141
Harris 601
Harris 602
Harris & Ellis Yachts 1841
HB Cycle 451
Hearn Construction E-250
Henley Boats E-147
Highfield/CO2 Inflatable Boats G-847
Hindson Marina Inc. 1725
Holland Marine Products G-305
Home Energy Solutions 1750
Homebrook Financial Group 109West
Honda Canada, Inc. 901
Howell's Marine 1250
Howell's Marine G-471
Howell's Marine G-483
Howell's Marine G-835
Hully Gully 317
Hully Gully 735
Hully Gully 901
Hully Gully 935
Hully Gully 951
Hully Gully 1035
Hully Gully 1235
Humber Bay Sailing Centre 1769
Humminbird, Minn Kota, Cannon G-464
Hunt Yachts 125
Huntsville Marine & Recreation 239
Huntsville Marine & Recreation 351
Huntsville Marine & Recreation 717
Huntsville Marine & Recreation 835
Huntsville Marine & Recreation 1135
Huntsville Marine & Recreation 1316
Huntsville Marine & Recreation G-898
Hurst Marina 551
Icom Canada G-555
IMTRA Corporation 1742
In the Ville/Paul Brodie E-240
Inland Liferafts & Marine Ltd. G-318
Innovative Docking Systems G-275
Innovative Docking Systems G-365
Innovocean Marine G-759
Interco Fabrications G-715
Interlux & Awlgrip G-554
Island Boat Lettering, Inc. G-607
Island Yacht Club 1748
J & B Cycle and Marine 1101
J & B Cycle and Marine 1864
J & P Marine Service 1201
J&L Dunkerley Construction E-250
Jeanneau America B8
Jeanneau America B9
Jeanneau America Power Boats 635
JEBS Four Corners G-141
Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales 1763
Jetsurf Toronto E-602
Jim Earle Marine 1604
Joint Rescue Coordination Centre 8 Wing Trenton NE-1
Katrine Marine 1866
Kawartha Docks G-141
Keswick Marine Ltd. 1101
Keswick Marine Ltd. 1864
Kids & Classics Boatshops Museum 1005
Killarney Mountain Lodge 1770
KingFisher Welded Aluminum Boats 1155
Krates Marina 1828
Kropf Industrial Inc. 126
Lake Ontario Offshore Racing 1615
Lake Simcoe Living Magazine NE-3
Lake Water Resoration ltd. E-145
Lakeshore Yacht Club 1772
Lakeview Marine Sales 1325
Lakeview Marine Sales G-771
Larson / Striper Boats 851
LDK Dock Solutions E-331
LeafFilter North of Canada Inc. E-518
Leatherdale Marine 451
Leatherdale Marine 1001
Leatherdale Marine 1250
Leatherdale Marine G-483
Leatherdale Marine G-835
Lefroy Harbour Resorts, Inc. 1151
Lefroy Harbour Resorts, Inc. G-501
Legend Boats, A Div. Duhamel & Dewar, Inc. 1305
Legend Boats, A Div. Duhamel & Dewar, Inc. 1895
Lehr LLC G-524
Leisure Marine 617
Leisure Marine 718
Leisure Marine 1035
Leisure Marine 1101
Leisure Marine 1864
Life is Good E-206
Limestone Maintenance G-141
Lindsay Cycle 901
LKQ Canada G-136
Load Rite Canada 1876
Lowe Boats 1301
Lowrance - Navico Inc. G-567
Lumitec Lighting / Overboard Marine G-352
Lund Boats 1051
Lund Boats 1117
M & E Sales E-128
Magic Marine Tow Inc. 1731
Makin Waves Marine 901
Makin Waves Marine 1101
Makin Waves Marine 1864
Malibu Boats / Axis Wake Research 701
Manitou Pontoon Boats G-898
Manitoulin Docks & Lifts G-141
Maple City Marine 119
Maple City Marine 124
Maple City Marine 155
Maple City Marine 551
Maple City Marine 600
Maple City Marine 1001
Maple City Marine 1051
Maple City Marine 1117
Maple City Marine 1875
Maplesat Inc. G-265
Marina Shores 851
Marine Mart Inc. G-163
Marine Parts Supply of Canada 1877
Marine Sewing 1786
Markham Outdoor Power 901
Marquis and Carver Yachts 417
Marsh's Marina 935
Marsh's Marina 1155
Marsh's Marina 1201
Marsh's Marina 1235
Marsh's Marina 1250
Marsh's Marina G-835
Mass Liquidation Inc. (Footwear Outlet)/Sperry G-664
Mass Liquidation Inc. (Footwear Outlet)/Sperry G-665
MasterCraft Boat Company 600
Maui Jim Sunglasses G-446
McGregor Bay Marina 1853
MD Marine Insurance 1724
Melo Craft Inflatable Boat Service & Repair G-755
Melo Craft Inflatable Boat Service & Repair G-755
Mercury Marine, Ltd. 801
Mercury Marine, Ltd. 1847
Mercury Marine, Ltd. G-853
Mercy Ships Canada A-1
MetalCraft Marine 147
MetalCraft Marine 148
MetalCraft Marine 157
Metroland Media Group Ltd. 1740
Mimico Cruising Club 1785
Minty's Marine Service Inc. G-103
Mirrocraft Boats G-771
Mobile Marine 119
Mobile Marine 124
Mobile Marine 603
Mobile Marine 817
Mobile Marine 1001
Mobile Marine 1035
Mobile Marine 1051
Mobile Marine 1117
Monterey Boats 717
Monterey Boats 835
Monto Reno Marina 951
Monto Reno Marina 1035
MotoMaster Batteries G-803
Mountain Trout House 337
Mountain Trout House 1035
Mountain Trout House 1135
Muskoka Boat Gallery 600
Muskoka Boat Sales 742
Muskoka Lakes Marine 1135
National Bank 1802
National Yacht Club 1765
Nautical Mind Bookstore G-545
NaviPro Yachts Inc. 1446
NaviPro Yachts Inc. 1455
Naylor Systems 1116
Needhams Marine 800
Needhams Marine 1235
Neptunus Yachts International Inc. 1722
New Way Diesel / Diesel - BEC G-162
Newmarket Yamaha 951
Njoi Marketing 1787
Norsim Equipment Ltd. 901
North Sails 1623
North South Nautical Group Inc. 1737
Northern Leisure Marine 1135
Northland Recreation 451
Northshore Waterfront Solutions G-133
Northstar Marine Insurance Inc. 1730
Northstar Recreation 901
Northwest Basin Marina 1001
Nuteak Ontario G-454
NyDock Floating Docks E-250
Oakville Power Boat Club 1735
Oakville Yacht Squadron 1648
Ogilvy Insurance 1732
Ojibway Bay Marina 1729
Old Mill Marina 551
Old Mill Marina 1101
Old Mill Marina 1714
Old Mill Marina 1864
On The Water Designs G-141
On Your Way Marine 1853
On Your Way Marine E-147
One17 Marine 351
Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters 1879
Ontario Flag & Pole G-667
Ontario Plastic Fabricators Inc. G-643
Ontario Provincial Police G-865
Ontario Sailing - GET INTO SAILING 1442
Ontario Sailor Magazine 1635
Ontario Wake/Wake Canada A12
Orillia District Chamber of Commerce/Port of Orillia 1728
Orleans Boat World 851
Outer Harbour Marina 1739
Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular (Sydenham Sportsmen's Association) E-322
Pacific Marine Underwriting Managers Ltd. 1736
Palm Cay Development 1760
Paris Marine Ltd. 155
Paris Marine Ltd. 239
Paris Marine Ltd. 317
Paris Marine Ltd. 337
Paris Marine Ltd. 351
Paris Marine Ltd. 917
Paris Marine Ltd. 951
Paris Marine Ltd. 1316
Parkbridge Lifestyle Comm. Inc. o/a Goreski's Landing 1745
Parks Canada-Ontario Waterways G-107
Parkway Yamaha 1035
Pat Sturgeon Yachts B3
Pat Sturgeon Yachts B5
Payne Marine Ltd. 155
Payne's Marine Group G-234
Payne's Marine Group G-235
Pettit Paint G-267
Pioneer Boats 133
Pisces Marine 1853
Poppy & Peonies E-538
Poralu Marine G-125
Port Colborne Marine 1051
Port Colborne Marine 1117
Port Colborne Marine 1201
Port Credit Yacht Club G-403
Port McNicoll Holding LP 1796
Port of Newcastle Marina 1758
Port Sandfield Marina Ltd. 551
Port Sandfield Marina Ltd. 740
Port Whitby Marina - Town of Whitby 1764
Portside Marine Insurance 1767
Poseidon Charters 1453
Power Boating Canada Magazine 1815
Power Garage G-771
PowerBoat Television 1741
Precision Custom Canvas 1766
Precision Powersports 451
Pride Marine Group 100
Pride Marine Group 201
Pride Marine Group 235
Pride Marine Group 301
Pride Marine Group 517
Pride Marine Group 1804
Pride Marine Group E-138
Princecraft Boats, Inc. 1101
Princecraft Boats, Inc. 1864
Proctor Marine Ltd. 1001
Proctor Marine Ltd. 1250
Proctor Marine Ltd. G-835
Provive Professional Revitalization Services G-768
Quality Dock Repair E-422
Quality Dock Repair G-217
Quebec Marine Association 1768
Queen City Yacht Club 1784
Queen's Cove Marina G-314
Quiet Waters Sailboats 1431
Quinn's Marina Ltd. 451
Quinn's Marina Ltd. 603
Quinn's Marina Ltd. 735
Quinn's Marina Ltd. 917
Quinn's Marina Ltd. 1201
Quinte Boat Docks E-422
Quinte Boat Docks G-217
Quinte Canvas G-341
R & J Machine G-155
R.F. Enterprises G-559
R.L. Equipment Sales & Services Ltd. 147
R.L. Equipment Sales & Services Ltd. 148
R.L. Equipment Sales & Services Ltd. 157
Radioworld G-462
Ranger Boats 1875
Ranger Tugs/Lefroy Harbour Resorts Inc. 1151
Ray's Marine Systems Inc. 1773
RBC - Royal Bank C-1
RDR Marine Systems E-125
RDR Marine Systems E-220
RDR Marine Systems E-540
Ready Honda 901
Redfern Enterprises Ltd. E-319
Redpoint Ropes Manufacturing G-450
Regal Marine 551
Rekord Marine Enterprises Ltd. G-413
Revs Full Throttle Powersports 451
Rinker 1150
Rocks Docks and Decks G-365
Rolls Battery Engineering 1750
Rossiter Boats/Walkers Point Marina 337
Roxie Corporation E-331
Roy F. Lewis Enterprises Ltd. 1001
Royal Canadian Mounted Police E-555
Ryeway Custom Docks G-141
S.A.W. Technology G-210
Sailing CBI Inc. 1636
Salus Marine Wear Inc. G-552
Sandy Cove Marina Co. Ltd. E-422
Sandy Cove Marina Co. Ltd. G-217
Sauble River Marina E-125
Sauble River Marina E-220
Sauble River Marina E-540
Scarab 603
Scout Boats 155
Sea Conquest Marine Surveys & Consultancy G-904
Sea Ray 517
Sea Ray Boats 100
Seaweed Marine G-746
Shaw's Creek E-116
Shillington Baker Fine Woodworking E-444
Shoremaster Docks and Lifts (ATL Distributing) E-125
Shoremaster Docks and Lifts (ATL Distributing) E-220
ShoreStation G-217
Skene Marine Decking & Flooring G-132
Skier's Choice Inc., manufacturers of Moomba and Supra Boats 850
Skippers' Plan Insurance / Arthur J. Gallagher Canada Limited 1753
Skippers Products, Inc. G-647
Smart's Marina Ltd. 1101
Smart's Marina Ltd. 1864
Smoker Craft Inc. 1201
Snow City Cycle Marine 451
Snow City Cycle Marine 1708
Snow City Cycle Marine G-218
Softub Canada E-501
South Bay Cove Yacht Haven/Paragon Marina 1782
Southbay G-471
Southwest Marine 951
Southwest Marine 1201
Southwest Marine Services 1035
Southwinds Marine Inc. 800
Southwinds Marine Inc. E-147
Spike on the Water Inc. G-348
St. Lawrence Marina 1101
St. Lawrence Marina 1864
St. Onge Recreation 451
St. Onge Recreation 603
St. Onge Recreation 917
St. Onge Recreation 1001
St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tourism Office Canada 1650
Stanley Aluminum Boats 147
Stanley Aluminum Boats 148
Stanley Aluminum Boats 157
Starcraft 935
Starcraft 1235
Starlift Industries Inc. E-422
Starlift Industries Inc. G-217
Starport Marina Inc. 1756
Steiner Optics G-456
Stingray Boat Company 718
Stright-MacKay G-510
Stryker Boats G-703
Summer Forever Beachwear and Accessories E-433
Suntech Solar Enterprises G-706
Superior Textile Fabricators G-901
Suzuki Canada, Inc. 1866
Swans Marina Ltd. 1447
Swans Yacht Sales B1A
Swans Yacht Sales B2
Swans Yacht Sales Ltd. B1
Swift Canoe & Kayak E-300
Swift Canoe & Kayak E-301
Swift Canoe & Kayak E-401
Swift Canoe & Kayak E-507
Swift Canoe & Kayak E-606
Swim Platform ULTRA G-269
Swordfish Sport E-112
Sylvan Marine 917
Talii Towels E-111
Taylor Docks Incorporated E-326
TD Auto Finance B-1
Teak Barn E-317
Team Power Sports 1101
Team Power Sports 1864
Team Vincent Motorsports 451
Team Vincent Motorsports 603
Temagami Marine E-147
The Boat Warehouse 401
The Boat Warehouse 501
The Boat Warehouse 603
The Boat Warehouse 745
The Boat Warehouse 817
The Boat Warehouse 1301
The Boat Warehouse Georgian Bay 401
The Boat Warehouse Georgian Bay 501
The Boat Warehouse Georgian Bay 745
The Boat Warehouse Georgian Bay 817
The Boat Warehouse Georgian Bay 1301
The Canadian Antique & Classic Boat Society 1000
The City of Mississauga - Harbour Operations 1840
The Cove Muskoka 119
The Cove Muskoka 124
The Cove Muskoka 239
The Cove Muskoka 451
The Cove Muskoka 951
The Cove Muskoka 1001
The Cove Muskoka 1035
The Dock Shoppe Inc. G-558
The Knot Captain E-136
The Performance Shed 119
The Performance Shed 124
The Performance Shed 951
The Performance Shed 1035
The Rigging Shoppe Ltd. G-335
Thunder Jet 934
Tie Boss E-526
Tigwell Motorsports 1853
Tigwell Motorsports G-141
Tilbury Auto Sales & RV 951
Tilbury Auto Sales & RV 1035
Titanium Exclusive Cookware E-105
TLH Marine G-445
TMC Restoration E-339
Tohatsu America Corp. 1853
Topper Sailboats Canada 1440
Toronto Brigantine Inc. 1789
Toronto Island Marina 1747
Toronto Police Service E-557
Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd. G-918
Toronto Yacht Sales 1761
Tourism Simcoe County G-400
Tower Hill Marine 1001
Town & Country Marine 601
Town & Country Marine 602
Town & Country Marine 717
Town & Country Marine 735
Town & Country Marine 800
Town & Country Marine 835
Town & Country Marine 1701
Trailerworld Industries 1101
Trailerworld Industries 1864
TrakMaps G-339
Transat Marine G-417
Treasure Island Marina E-250
Trent Port Marina/City of Quinte West 1777
Trifecta / Berkshire G-483
True North Log Homes Inc. E-316
Tucker's Marine 119
Tucker's Marine 124
Tucker's Marine 851
Tucker's Marine 1051
Tucker's Marine 1117
Tweed Recreational Sport & Lawn, LLC 1250
Tweed Recreational Sport & Lawn, LLC G-835
Unidem Sales Inc. E-204
Unidem Sales Inc. G-764
Unitrail Inc. / Wave Armor G-275
Universal Stone E-134
Upper Canada Marine 1051
Upper Canada Marine 1117
Urad Leather Conditioner G-809
Uxbridge Motorsports Marine 351
Uxbridge Motorsports Marine 451
Volvo Penta Canada 1017
VSV Yacht Sales & Charters 1637
Walker Bay Boats G-747
Walker Financial Services 1743
Walker Marine Sales 1150
Walkers Point Marina 317
Walkers Point Marina 155
Walsten Marine 119
Walsten Marine 124
Walsten Marine 351
Walsten Marine 851
Walsten Marine 951
Walsten Marine 1035
Ward's Marine 1101
Ward's Marine 1864
Water Ski & Wakeboard Ontario 1826
Weeds B' Gone G-660
Wellcraft 745
Whitby Yacht Club 1798
Wichard Sparcraft 1790
Wicked Gourmet E-431
Woodard & Company Limited G-317
Woodland Marine 935
World Cat/Central Marine 1331
World Championship Indoor Sea Flea Races A-10
Wye Heritage Marina G-431
Xtreme Marine 601
Xtreme Marine 602
Xtreme Marine 1316
yacht cont E-446
Yacht Controller / Yacht Thruster 1717
Yacht Solutions 1734
YachtTime by Gone Sailing Adventures 1435
Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. 951
Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd. 1035
Zodiac Nautic 1039