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EPIC Press is a new publishing company specializing in Young Adult fiction that is exciting and approachable for avid and hi-lo teen readers alike. We aim to inspire a new generation of passionate readers to READ WHAT YOU WANT. All EPIC Press series are delivered in a modern format: six related novels, released simultaneously. Available in both hardcover and eBook formats.

 Press Releases

  • April 14, 2015

    Minneapolis, MN – EPIC Press (epicpress.com), a brand new publishing company specializing in young adult fiction, will debut as a game changer in the YA market this upcoming September. With more than 30 years of experience in the educational publishing market, heavy hitters from the well-known children’s publisher ABDO are moving to expand their mark on the industry with a new, separate company that aims to set fire to overdone YA standards.

    This coming September, EPIC Press will release a debut collection of eight incredible series, each offering six related novels released simultaneously. This approach is intended to allow readers to consume more content from their favorite teen stories at a faster pace, comparable to the now-popular practice of binge watching a favorite series on Netflix.

    “Our focus on deliverability was intentional,” states Paul Skaj, Vice President of Sales. In the Internet age of “instants” (i.e. instant downloading, instant subscriptions, and online ordering available at the click of a button), “offering a complete series of novels for consumption in one single sweep is something we’re pretty excited about and believe readers will be too. This type of distribution allows books to be read at the accelerated pace of the modern lifestyle.”

    Each book is beautiful and practically presented in a 5.75” by 8.5” trim size and wrapped in a hardcover binding meant to withstand heavy library circulation. The page count is highly digestible for the average YA reader, ranging from 200–216 pages per book. The collection goes on sale August 15, 2015.

    The 48 titles are divided into distinctive series featuring genres such as interstellar survival, visceral romance, mind-bending sci-fi, burning-hot horror, downtown drama, bold realistic fiction, and contact comedy. Controversial topics, hip cover art, and compelling story arcs filled with relatable characters are the secrets behind this powerful bundle of books. These indulgent books are designed to captivate, speaking directly to modern teens and their aspirant culture through a collection of stories that feature adventure, high-stakes decisions, and emotionally raw relationships.

    “What do young adults seek in the world, and by extension, in what they read?” asks Kenny Abdo, managing editor of EPIC Press. “They don’t want to be talked down to, for one, “ he states. “The EPIC Press medium gives voice to the intense thoughts and feelings so many teens are experiencing; these books paint the world as teens see and experience it.”

    The publisher also notes that while the subjects are complex and mature enough for most fans of YA, the language isn’t. “We see these titles as an excellent reading choice not only for avid readers but for those reluctant readers who might be discouraged by more challenging texts,” states Editor-In-Chief Paul Abdo. Our tagline is “Read What You Want.” We want that statement to hold true for any teen reader, regardless of their ability; we don’t want their skill level to hamper their interest. EPIC Press is out to create avid readers.”

    About EPIC Press

    EPIC Press is a new publishing company begun in 2015 that specializes in young adult fiction. EPIC Press strives to reach today’s YA audience by diverging away from the traditional. With a passion for boldness and relevancy, it aims to inspire a new generation of avid readers. For more information, visit EPIC Press online at epicpress.com.


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