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Transforming Events with Innovative Technologies

a2z, Inc. provides event planners and organizers with powerful cloud-based solutions that help increase and accelerate booth sales. Our clients also realize improved productivity in back office processes; increased connectivity with their membership, CRM and financial databases; and an improved web presence for their attendees and exhibitors. Our features include conference management, online trade show floor plans, event websites, abstract/speaker management, matchmaking tools, personal itinerary builder, plus much more.

"a2z worked diligently with our team to deliver a complex solution and helped us exceed our business targets such as revenue and NSF sold. The value proposition that a2z offers to us and to our exhibitors and attendees is tremendous."
- Jason Mcgraw, Senior Vice President of Exposition InfoComm International


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 Press Releases

  • Columbia, MD, February 23, 2015 – a2z, Inc. today announced it has launched a standardized and productized integration with a2zShow event management system on the Abila Marketplace, which is designed to provide nonprofits and associations with quick and easy access to solutions and services to enhance their existing Abila products. The integration will take the existing Abila netFORUM™ database and make that available to the exhibits management solution, a2zShow. When transactions are made in a2zShow, the purchases and payment history will copy back into the Abila database.

    "a2z, Inc. has had successful integrations with Abila netFORUM in the past, however the turning point here is that now it is a productized integration." said Angela Carr, Vice President, Professional Services at a2z, Inc. "Standardizing and productizing the process is the jumping point for more robust, economical, & easy to deploy integrations and a deeper partnership between two wonderful organizations."

    AMS Integration for a2z, Inc. Event Management System Key Features

    • When customer changes happen, one system can be the master for capturing these changes and then both systems (Abila netFORUM and a2z) will be up to date.
    • Exhibitors can utilize rich features of the a2z Event Management System, including online contract, online floor plan, eBooth (to advertise their presence at the show) and exhibitor self–service portal (includes the ability to make online payments).
    • Exhibit history will copy directly into Abila netFORUM, including purchases, products and payment history.

    "We're excited to have a2z be a part of the Abila Marketplace," said Céline Felan, Program Manager forAbila. "Our partners are such an important part of our success. They offer key products and services that truly help our customers by extending the value of our nonprofit and association solutions."

  • a2z, Inc. announces the release of a new version of its popular Conference Management & Marketing Solution. This release has been specifically designed to deliver a highly successful admin experience to the conference management teams and a great planning experience to attendees and speakers, across a wide range of devices (from desktop monitors to mobile phones and tablets with touch screens).

    The latest release includes new end-to-end responsive features in the admin portal and event website including:

    • New features in a2zShow Conference Management SolutionDynamic dashboards & reports
      Access to up-to-date information through nifty dashboards and on demand reports enables your team keep a steady finger on the pulse of your program.
    • Speaker self-service portal with promotion widget
      Collect proposals, contact information and handouts from speakers through a streamlined self-service portal to bring significant efficiency to your processes. Reach untapped audiences via your speakers by enabling them easily access and embed a widget in their own websites.     
    • Intuitive and streamlined workflows
      Easy to access website features coupled with intuitive workflows make it easy for attendees and speakers to stay engaged with your event's brand throughout the event cycle. 
    • Tablet and smart phone compatible admin portal
      An end-to-end beautiful and responsive admin portal enables you to manage and report on multiple events from any device of your choice, including smart phones and tablets.
    • Multi-tiered sessions
      Make the most of a system that provides full support for serving and managing sessions which have multiple sub-sessions.   
    • Comprehensive search and planning features for attendees
      A complete suite of features including powerful search options, tools to take notes, plan a personalized itinerary and download handouts, as well as the ability to respond to session surveys, Q&A and polls.

    “This release is another noteworthy milestone in our endeavor to deliver powerful features on easy to use web sites that provide a consistent experience across multiple devices and screens.” said Rajiv Jain, CEO of a2z, Inc. “We are delighted with the overwhelmingly positive response to a2zShow Version 14, launched in the last quarter of 2014. We will keep innovating at a steadily increasing rate and look forward to introducing many more exciting features for our users in 2015 and beyond.”

    To learn more and schedule a demo of these new features, click here and contact the a2z sales team.

  • a2z, Inc., the Maryland-based provider of leading web and mobile solutions for expositions and conferences, announces that its ChirpE-powered mobile app solution for NADA 2014 has been awarded the Internet Advertising Competition MobileWebAward. The NADA/ATD Convention & Expo 2014 app has been recognized as the Best Mobile Application leveraged by an association.

    This is the second time that NADA's ChirpE Mobile Event App has been awarded the IAC Award. Earlier this year, the solution was awarded the 2014 IAC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising.

    Each year the Web Marketing Association's IAC MobileWebAward Competition names the Best Mobile Applications. The winners are selected by judging the entered creative using seven criteria - design, ease of use, copywriting, interactivity, use of technology, innovation and content.

    According to the post-show review analysis compiled by a2z, a whopping 93% of the 2014 NADA/ATD attendees (based on the number of people reached via pre-show email promotion campaign), accessed and utilized the event's mobile app to plan ahead and maximize their time at the event.


  • Conference Management and Call for Papers
    Present detailed information for each conference session including Description, Speakers, Tracks, Format and Ability Level. Pave the way for a successful event experience by providing attendees with advanced search and planning features....

    • Display sessions by date, time slot and other attributes
    • Leverage out-of-the-box detailed and summary views
    • Highlight keynote sessions and speakers with rich content and visuals
    • Provide quick and advanced search as well as the ability to build a personalized planner
    • Update and sync session info in real-time
    • Enable speakers to add or edit their bios and upload handout material
    • Showcase session speakers, presenters and moderators in a dynamic, indexed gallery
  • Expo Management
    Provide a superlative event planning and participation experience to your audience. Manage and market your expositions and conferences with radically streamlined operations and automated processes....

    • GlobalAdmin Portal - Access powerful, role-based management and reporting features for multiple events.

    • Event Website - Keep event participants updated in real-time with a beautiful, feature-rich website.

    • Event Map - Provide robust search and planning tools alongside a visually appealing floor plan.

    • Online Sales Office - Sell exhibits space, enhanced listings and sponsorship options faster than ever.

    • Exhibitor Booths - Provide high ROI to exhibiting companies with multi-tiered eBooth features.

    • Showcase Galleries - Promote products and videos with glossy, responsive galleries that attendees love.

    • Exhibitor Self-Service - Increase ROI and revenue by providing online tools to exhibitors.
  • ChirpE Mobile Event App
    Provide a seamless, integrated mobile solution to event attendees on the go....

  • The award-winning ChirpE native and web-based mobile app engages audiences with real-time updates and elegant usability features. With a multitude of smart planning and networking options available on demand at their fingertips, this solution is sure to wow your event attendees.

    • Brand the app with customized graphics, messages and colors

    • Eliminate dependence on local WiFi internet support at the event venue

    • Promote exhibiting companies by displaying rich eBooth content

    • Save attendees valuable time by providing advanced search features

    • Provide registered attendees access to downloadable walking map and session handouts

    • Update event participants about schedule changes with buzz notifications

    • Increase revenues and cover costs by showcasing a title sponsor

    • Reduce costs and go green by replacing bulky printed guides

    • Leverage a2z's proven marketing services at zero cost and receive comprehensive post-event ROI report
  • ChirpE 365 Mobile App
    Host multiple events and syndicate your organization's content the year round....

  • ChirpE 365 is the premier go-to solution for marketers to continuously engage and inform their audiences. This native mobile app syndicates content to the extended community, including but not limited to attendees, exhibitors, members and sponsors, throughout the year—24/7/365.
  • ChirpE Photo Booth
    Provide an engaging experience to event attendees and fans on leading social media....

  • ChirpE 365 is the premier go-to solution for marketers to continuously engage and inform their audiences. This native mobile app syndicates content to the extended community, including but not limited to attendees, exhibitors, members and sponsors, throughout the year—24/7/365.

    • Leverage a2z’s superior mobile and social media technology

    • Brand the app with customized graphics, messages and colors

    • Simplify year-round content syndication to your community members

    • Eliminate the wait time associated with deploying multiple event apps

    • Provide rich search and planning features to attendees

    • Update your community in real-time with buzz notifications

    • Increase revenues by showcasing multiples sponsors

    • Position your organization as the go-to resource for industry information

    • Leverage a2z's proven marketing services at zero cost and receive comprehensive post-event ROI report
  • networkNow & Hosted Buyer Program
    Facilitate successful business interactions between matched event participants before and after they meet at your event. networkNow integrates in real-time with your a2z-powered event website and mobile app as well as partner systems....

    • Accurate Matchmaking - Generates recommended matches for event participants based on precise matching criteria.

    • Networking - Buyers and exhibitors schedule meetings in advance to meet at the event.

    • Revenue Opportunities - Sell featured listings and other sponsorship opportunities to exhibitors.

    • Branded Marketing - A well-planned educational marketing campaign served by a2z to event participants.
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