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Creative Bonds

Built on the philosophy of partnership. Together, we accomplish far more than we can apart. Our partner-clients recognize that they don’t need order-takers and yes-men. They need comprehensive marketing expertise that simply can’t be built in-house, and the kind of relationship where we can honestly assess the problem and present the best solution.  Creative Bonds is headquartered in the cultural and creative epicenter of Fort Worth’s Near Southside. Within biking distance from both the best vegan restaurant in town, and an inspiring selection of pubs, the new Main Street location is a perfect fit to fuel creativity.

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 Show Specials

  • Stop by our booth #400 and your company will automatically be entered into a drawing for a free Brand Loyalty Evaluation. This is a comprehensive evaluation of how your brand is perceived in your industry and among your customers. This is a $2,500 product from Creative Bonds that could shape the direction of your company going forward. 

  • (Oct 09, 2014)

    Stop by our booth and you could win a brand new Aston Martin DB9 Volante. Spin the wheel and let the good times roll! 

 Press Releases

  • My uncle Sam always seemed to be a genius when it came to business, and more specifically any part of business that had to do with sales. He decided that there was not a decent place in the town he was living in to buy a good bed and mattress at a fair price. He identified a gap in the market and decided to fill it by starting his own bedroom store.

    Uncle Sam was old school, though. He always believed the customer was the most powerful tool in sales and business. If a competitor tried to undercut him, he 

    would rather give something away for free than lose the customer. His goal was to beat the competition, no matter the cost to him. And it worked.

    After his first store was successful, due mostly to repeat business and referrals, he decided to sell it and open a larger chain. With the larger chain, it became more difficult to keep his standards in place. Having several store managers and many employees meant that it would be difficult to maintain his consistent approach to customer retention. However, with the right people in place, it happened. The chain kept “the customer is always right” in place, and still kept the competition at bay.

    The store’s success was not all about customer service though, it was also about great products. People want value for their dollar, that is a given. So, my uncle carri

    ed a wide variety of products in his stores and priced them as low as he could to still keep a decent profit. He didn’t overcharge for things the way most places do just to make a quick buck. He knew that people would return to him if they saw a value in what he sold.

    Overall, my uncle had great success because of repeat and referral business. This is the most important kind of customer. Retaining a customer is so important in any industry, but referrals can be hard to get. However, if you do business the right way, treat the customer right, and make sure what you sell has value, you can be successful.

    The real lesson I learned from my uncle Sam is that business, any business at all, is about the relationship with the customer. In the marketing business, our customers are called clients. Customers are transactional, with clients we build something great together. That’s why we here at Ilfusion strive to do great work that has value by really making a difference for our clients, because their success is our greatest reward.

  • Companies invest a good deal of time and expense in their branding – and rightfully so. Positioning one’s company as a recognizable icon that symbolizes leadership in an industry can sometimes be the key factor to profitability. Once your brand becomes the shining beacon it was projected to be – what could go wrong? A lot. Even the biggest brands around have had some trouble with name purity. Here’s a few questions you should ask yourself to increase your integrity awareness.

    Does your team love your brand?

    Twitter’s VP of Design recently tweeted from a third-party application instead of from Twitter’s official app, and pretty much everyone noticed. We all have our favorite communication technologies, but if your brand develops one, you shouldn’t use another platform. When you or your employees openly use the other brand, you’re unintentionally telling the whole world that the other brand is better. While the implication of such behavior is not detrimental when exhibited by lower level employees, the further up the pyramid it goes, the harder the impact.

    Do you promote your brand internally?

    Fashion retailers often understand the value in their salespeople doubling as real-life mannequins. They accomplish this in many different ways: some make a rule requiring the brand as a uniform, others opt for offering deep discounts for the employees (which practically ensures their wardrobe consisting of mostly the store brand), and some more pricey spots develop in-store relationships with their vendors who are generally happy to offer free merchandise to the sales representatives (who otherwise could not afford these brands). Give your team a little economic desire to flaunt your logo.

    Is your brand the industry expert?

    Do you retweet or share posts from your competitor? STOP! Your brand’s social media should exude a feeling of industry expertise either directly, such as relativity and timeliness in Twitter feeds, or indirectly, such as originality in visual engagement on Facebook. Boast original content when possible, but re-tweets or shares should only come from sideline sources like news reports, independent bloggers, or other general fanfare.


  • Good Websites have Good Photos!
    As soon as a visitor lands on your website they immediately start analyzing the credibility of your company and how well they will trust it....

  • According to a study published in the journal Behaviour and Information Technology, it was found that first impressions of websites are made in the first 50 milliseconds of viewing. That is faster than we blink our eyes! So, creating a great first impression on your website is extremely important. Fortunately, there is a great way to easily and quickly leave a lasting and positive first impression, using good photography.

    Well-placed photos help make websites a lot more interesting. Images make visitors stop and pay attention to your site. They also help users recognize articles, links, stories, and many other features and content. The chosen photos should always have something to do with your products, services or the message your company wants to send. Just showing great photos that have nothing do with what you are offering could hurt your potential customers’ trust.

    Do not cut corners with photography. The right photos make a huge difference on how effective your website is. I have seen many well designed websites that offer amazing products be ruined by poorly-chosen or low-quality photographs. Bad photos can potentially damage your website’s credibility. The best option would be to be to hire a professional photographer to create unique photos tailored specifically for your site. These kinds of photos typically do extremely well and go perfectly with your branding. If that is not possible, the next best option is to choose stock photography that represents your company well and is not too generic or over-used. If neither is possible, consider not using photography at all. Not having photos as a part of your design is much better than using bad photos.

    Here are some things to remember when considering photography for your website:
    • Always use professional photos.
    • Bigger photos have bigger visual impact.
    • Photos of people are generally good – people relate to seeing other people.
    • Use photos of real people, the actual people behind your product or service.
    • Fewer, bolder photos are better than lots of little photos. It’s about quality, not quantity.
    • Look at your competitor’s websites and choose photography that is distinct from theirs.

    At Creative Bonds, we offer photography services alongside our web design and development services. When we take photos for our clients, we make sure the images we create seamlessly flow into the overall website design to give your viewers that amazing first impression you are aiming for.

  • Before We Get Started...
    You’ve never worked with an agency before, but you’ve heard… things about the experience. A few of your colleagues describe the experience as quite positive and having a strong ROI. You’ve probably also heard lukewarm feelings about the experience....

  • This is the nature of the beast. Hilariously, I’m willing to bet that there’s some overlap in these categories of people and the agencies they’ve worked with. One person will give Agency X a rave review, whereas a completely different person swears that Agency X is run by a meth-addled Chimpanzee who watches “Saw” with the volume down, providing his own dialogue in Chimp-scream. See, it’s not that Agency X is incompetent, nor is the client an awful hellspawned demon. The reality of the situation is that most agency relationships that end poorly are due to misconceptions and poor communication on both sides of the equation. What can fix this? Knowledge! Let’s go through a few simple things that can make your relationship with your agency the most smooth and seamless partnership possible.

    1. Know What You’re Looking For
    When you’re looking for an agency, what specifically do you need? Are you looking for a trusted partner who will know and understand the intricacies of your brand and can act with minimal supervision or are you looking for a team of designers to create advertisements as directed? Before you even start to look for an agency, sit down with your marketing team and have a discussion about why you’re looking for an agency. What is the core of this relationship going to be? How often do you want to be communicating with the agency? Are you looking to do a trial run of a few small projects to see if you trust their work or are you in a situation where you have to find a valued partner ASAP? Whatever it is, make sure you take down your criteria and stick to it. Be sure to ask the right questions of the agency like:

    • What constitutes a perfect client for you?
    • What is your longest client relationship?
    • May we call some of your current clients?
    • How much input do you expect or want on creative from the client side?

    2. Define The Relationship
    Once you’ve narrowed the field down to a solid final contender, don’t just scan the proposal. The proposal is the most defining moment in your relationship with your agency as it outlines the nature of your relationship with your agency. Read it carefully and raise concerns where you have them. Most of the time, agencies outline their engagements to what they’ve heard in conversations with potential clients, but sometimes things are lost in translation. Make sure that the proposal outlines the exact relationship you’re looking for and that the agency, and especially your account manager, understand what you require from them before kicking off.

    3. All relationships have issues, talk about them as soon as they arise.
    Do not let any little thing slip. If there’s something you’re not satisfied with in the first draft of an ad, video, blog, social post, or website comp, be sure you raise your hand. The dirty little secret about advertising is that we all want to do the BEST work for you. We want you to be thrilled with the work that we do, so if you see something that you think may be fixed in later drafts but don’t say anything, we’ll assume you like it and keep moving forward. We need to know what you love and what you hate so we can do better work for you moving forward. After a few projects, we’ll start to think more like you and begin to surprise you.

    We’d love to talk with you more about how to create the perfect client-agency partnership. Please, feel free to give me a call. Even if it’s just to vent your frustrations about past agencies. We’re pretty great about talking you off the ledge and quelling your frustrations. Let us show you what a great agency partnership can be.

    *gets down on one knee*

    Will you be my partner?

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