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Chalk of the town is both a fashionable t-shirt AND a creative activity that allows for unlimited, personalized self expression.  To decorate, simply draw or write with provided smudge free, precise chalk markers on the patented chalkboard surface.  The ringspun cotton t-shirt can be erased with water, laundered and used over and over again! 

Whether you are a walking cookie billboard, showing team spirit or sharing your thoughts, Chalk of the Town always sends the right message!​  Follow us on Instagram @MyChalkOfTheTown  or Facebook @MyChalkOfTheTown

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  • It might have been Wendy's badge celebrating Drawing and Painting.  Or the one that Sondra received as a Storyteller. That's the beauty of Girl Scouts, you are inspired to try new skills and see what fits.


    Some of Wendy and Sondra’s happiest childhood memories involve the time they spent as Girl Scouts.  For Sondra, there was a thrill pouring over the Girl Scout book to see which badges she could earn on her own.  Wendy discovered a love for the outdoors that continues to this day, and going door to door selling cookies gave her the confidence she would later use to launch her own business.  Being part of the Girl Scouts meant that Wendy and Sondra knew they were part of a community bigger than themselves. Surrounded by girls who were creative, funny, smart, adventurous, brave, and strong, Wendy and Sondra didn't know it then, but they were being given the tools they would need to succeed as adults.


    While walking at the beach one summer, Wendy and Sondra looked at people selling custom made t-shirts and started thinking about how to improve upon them.  Of course, before they could start a new business, Sondra and Wendy had to decide to embrace the risk.  They both had families to support and other jobs, but they also had a chance to be real innovators and change the way t-shirts are designed and utilized.


    Drawing upon their experience as Girl Scouts, Sondra and Wendy thought back to earning badges and selling cookies. This was a chance to apply these skills in "real life."  Sondra thought back to how she used to plan before earning a new badge, and the courage it took to try new skills.  Wendy remembered the initial fear of selling cookies and how she felt empowered when she succeeded.  Girl Scouts gave them the self-confidence to take the leap into starting a new business as well as the skills they needed to make it succeed.


    Not long after the initial inspiration, Wendy and Sondra invented Chalk of the Town t-shirts, which can be customized at will with bright, non-toxic water based chalk markers. The design can change from day to day or even moment to moment to suit the whim and mood of the wearer.


    With new Girl Scout specific designs, entire troops can distribute matching shirts but yet allow each girl to express her individuality through design.  Whether the message is “Eat more Thin Mints” or “Protect the Oceans,” girls can have fun adding some creativity to troop activities.


    So maybe it was the badge for art, or maybe just being part of a troop, but looking back, Girl Scouts gave Wendy and Sondra the skills and confidence they needed to grow up to be go-getters, innovators, risk takers, and leaders.  In other words, proud GIRLs.



  • Chalk of the Town - DIY T-Shirt Kit
    100% soft cotton chalkboard t-shirt with 3 markers
    Choice of: Chalkboard Heart OR Chalkboard Speech Bubble Design
    Youth sizes XS to XL at show, Adult sizes can be ordered. Party and group packages available.
    Machine washable and re-useable...

  • Draw, Wear, Erase and Repeat!

    Write or draw with bright, easy to use chalk markers on included soft cotton t-shirt, wear, wash and create again.

    Perfect for birthday parties, teams, parades, plays, sporting events, camp, rainy days, holiday photos . . .

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