Francal Feiras E Empreendimentos

Sao Paulo,  SP 
  • Booth: 1733

FRANCAL FEIRAS E EMPREENDIMENTOS  is one of the most important Trade Show Organizer established in São Paulo around 46 years. 

EXPO PARQUES E FESTAS - AMUSEMENT PARKS AND PARTIES EXPO is one of  the 16th fairs, which will be held in SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL from  June 3rd to 6th  2016. Our last Edition we received around 32.000 people from diferent places of the world.

 Press Releases

  • The segment of products and equipment for amusement parks was also a differential of the fair, since the supply of these items is growing every edition. For Abdala, it's a matter of time for the industry to develop to its fullest in the country. "When this time comes, the Expo Parks and Parties has already shown that it is prepared to meet the market."
    In the opinion of Francisco Donatiello Neto, president of ADIBRA, "the Expo Park and parties allied to ADIBRA Forum enables the meeting, maximizes business and provides the exchange of ideas between players parks sector, whenever necessary and indispensable". "We thank the Francal, which is striving to promote this annual event, so important for the development of the entertainment industry."
    While that handled business, Expo Parks and Parties in 2015 contributed to the formation of new professionals and expanded the knowledge of those already in the field.
    The fair hosted three parallel attractions: SNAB - 7th Art Seminar with balloons; Confectionery workshops held inside the hall The Candy Show and 3rd ADIBRA forum Theme Parks and FEC's. Together, they added up to about 65 hours of workshops and lectures.
    Next edition
    In 2016, Expo Parks and Parties and Christmas Show held 3-6 June at the Expo Center Norte.
    EXPO PARKS AND PARTIES 2015 - 9th International Fair of Products and Services for Theme Parks, Buffets and Children's Parties.
    Integrated Hall: The Candy Show - 2nd hall and workshops Sweets, Confectionery and Snacks.
    Simultaneous event: CHRISTMAS SHOW 2015 - 6th Fair of Christmas items, Decoration and Gifts
    Promotion and organization: Francal Fairs
    Associated with IAAPA - The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
    Institutional Support: ADIBRA (Association of Amusement Parks Companies in Brazil).
    Information by telephone: (11) 2226-3100
    Facebook: ExpoParques
    Google+: Expo Parks and Parties