KUKA Deutschland GmbH

  • Booth: B2038

KUKA is a global automation corporation with sales of around 3 billion euro and roughly 13,200 employees. As a leading global supplier of intelligent automation solutions, KUKA offers customers in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, consumer goods, metalworking, logistics/e-commerce, healthcare and service robotics industries everything they need from a single source: from components and cells to fully automated systems.

At the IAAPA Asia show KUKA offers the KUKA Coaster, Robot Mechanics for dark rides attractions, Show actions robots and an VR Ride.

KUKA是一家全球自动化企业,销售额达30亿欧元,拥有约13,200名员工。KUKA作为一家全球领先的自动化解决方案提供商,从零配件到全自动化的系统一应俱全,其客户来自各行各业,包括汽车、航空、电子、消费品、金属、电子商务和零售物流、保健和服务机器人行业。 集团总部位于德国奥格斯堡(Augsburg),其成功的历史可追溯至约120年前,创始人Johann Josef Keller及Jakob Knappich创办了一间乙炔照明工厂。当时沿用公司“Keller und Knappich Augsburg”的简称“KUKA”,便有了如今的KUKA。 自此以后,KUKA逐渐成长为一家全球性企业,在工业4.0实施中扮演不可或缺的角色。 在IAAPA(国际游乐园及景点设备展览会)亚洲展会上,KUKA携其专门为刺激的黑暗骑乘体验而设计的KUKA Coaster机器人参展,为大家演示全动作机器人和虚拟现实(VR)骑乘体验。


  • KUKA Coaster
    A ride on the KUKA Coaster is an absolute adrenaline rush. The 6-axis robot spontaneously turns in all directions – the passengers never know what is going to happen next....

  • The excitement, the thrill of three-dimensional motion in space. Comparable to riding a roller coaster – but way more surprising and significantly more flexible. A ride on the KUKA Coaster is an absolute adrenaline rush. Corkscrew, rocket blast-off or wave-like paths: as an amusement park ride, the 6-axis robot can simulate any conceivable dynamic motion thanks to freely programmable motion combinations. The ultimate action-packed experience.

  • KUKA KR700 R2510 passenger
    - Robot system designed for
    - Simulators (interactive or passive)
    - Dark rides
    - Stand alone solution (ride only)
    - Highest payload of passenger carriing robots
    - Smooth but interesting motion profiles...

  • Number of axis


    Work envelope volume

    ca. 68 m³

    Pose repeatability (ISO 9283)

    ca. ± 0,08 mm


    ca. 2650 kg

    Nominal payload

    700 kg

    Maximum reach

    2510 mm

    Protection rating



    1050 mm x 1050 mm


    KR C4 SC1PA passenger

    Ambient temp. (operation)

    10 °C bis 55 °C

    Ambient temp. (transport)

    -40 °C bis 60 °C