SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment  

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: L1231

SimEx-Iwerks designs and builds cinematic attractions that feature blockbuster film content from the world’s best studios and producers.

Now celebrating our 25th anniversary, we have built partnerships with over 200 institutions, parks and destinations to provide unique, amazing, high impact and immersive experiences. Our experiences incorporate innovative state-of-the-art technologies and special effects to complement storyline. They are always fun!

SimEx-Iwerks’ family-friendly attractions entertain over 35 million guests annually and generate substantial additional revenue for our partners.

Our experiences are particularly successful because we back up our extraordinary film library with strong service support.

SimEx-Iwerks公司设计并建造以世界上最优秀的工作室和制片公司的热门影片内容为主打的影院景点。 在庆祝公司成立25周年的此时,我们已经与200多家科技场馆,公园和主题乐园建立了合作伙伴关系,为游客提供独特,奇妙,高冲击力及身临其境的体验。我们的体验结合了创新且前沿的技术和特效以配合故事情节,使您的体验总是那么有趣! SimEx-Iwerks以家庭娱乐为概念的景点影院每年接待超过三千五百万游客,为我们的合作伙伴创造出可观的额外收入! 我们的景点影院之所以取得了巨大成功,是因为有丰富的片库和强大的服务支持。

Brands: We develop, offer and support branded content from studios and companies such as Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, BBC Earth, Marvel, Aardman, Nickelodeon, Mattel, Rovio and many others.