Simtec Systems GmbH

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Entertainment Simulators - The Ultimate Experience

Simulator Rides for Amusement Parks, Zoos, Museums and Exhibitions

Simtec is a leading supplier of complete simulator attractions. We combine individual design with modular realization. Our competence is not limited to motion platforms. We are familiar with design of simulator cabins, integration of video and audio systems, air-conditioning and fire protection as well as show control systems. We will present the HEXaFLITE® Flying Theatre as well as our FUNRIDE 96 at the Asian Attractions Expo.

用于主题公园、动物园、博物馆和展览会的仿真模拟器乘骑设施 SIMTEC是提供整套仿真模拟器游乐设施的领先供应商。我们把模块化定制及个性化设计结合在一起。我们的能力并不只局限于运动平台。我们也擅长模拟器舱体、音视频系统一体化、空调和防火以及演出控制系统的设计。我们将在本届亚洲(国际)景点游乐设施及设备博览会上为您展示我们的HEXaFLITE®飞行影院以及FUNRIDE 96动感影院。