The Photo Booth Company (UK) Ltd.

  • Booth: B933

Bring your brand to life through photos, fun & social media

The Photo Booth Company founded in 2011 places custom-branded coin-op photo booths in visitor attractions at zero cost to the venue. Our booths create unique photo products that visitors will love, giving them to chance to interact and share with your brand. This distinctive photo booth gives access to social media, as well as a branded souvenir and venue recognition. Over 3000 booths in locations all over the world have proved their profitability, reliability, and popularity

通过照片,娱乐和社交媒体将您的品牌带入生活 微信:photoboothchina Photo Booth公司成立于2011年,将定制品牌的投币式相机展位在游客景点内,以零价格到场。 我们的展位创造出独特的照片产品,让游客有机会与您的品牌进行互动交流。 这个独特的照片亭可以进入社交媒体,以及品牌纪念品和场地认可。 世界各地的3000多个摊位已经证明了它们的盈利能力,可靠性和受欢迎程度。