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Orlando,  FL 
United States
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Experience Imagination at Falcon’s Treehouse


Falcon’s Creative Group delivers innovative, powerful experiences with breakthrough creative solutions. We build immersive experiences that challenge the limits of reality and fire the imagination. Our passionate, award-winning team of artists, filmmakers, engineers, architects, designers and writers transform everyday reality, every day.

Services:  Master Planning, Attraction Design, Concept Development, Corporate Venues, Zoo & Aquariums, Hospitality Design, Media Production, VR/AR Content Development,  Interactives, and Media Licensing


  • CircuMotion® Theater
    CircuMotion® is a motion-base platform within a dome shaped theater, capable of playing 2D or 3D 360 degrees media content. Not constrained by traditional theatre arrangements, it has the ability to fully immerse guests in media based adventures....

  • The CircuMotion® is a force of nature, with multiple customizable options that allow a theater to move in ways you never thought possible. With several degrees of freedom, CircuMotion® has the power to pitch, roll, and heave in beautiful harmony with any unique adventure. Despite the raw force at this motion-base system’s disposal, its refined controls result in graceful movement that is comfortable and unbelievably smooth.

    • Multi-Projector Auto-Alignment System: Single push button auto-alignment procedure analyzes and adjusts projector position and focus, ensuring crisp media clarity from day one of operation onwards

    • Electrically Actuated Projector Eyelids: An option to hide projector lenses with electrical actuators upon guest entry and exit, further masking the technology to keep audiences immersed in the story

    • Multi-Channel Circular Audio Zoning: Radically changes the notion of “surround sound” with circular ring-based discrete channel speakers, creating the illusion of music and sound effects floating through space

  • Suspended Theater™
    Suspended Theater™ is unmatched in the world of flying theater systems. It exudes raw power and elegance as it takes riders soaring across inspiring adventures....

  • This groundbreaking ride system has been used in nationally-recognized, award-winning attractions. Now you can harness its power. The experience begins in the loading area; low ceiling and fairly typical, the guests are given the impression of being in a standard theater. They take their seats and media begins on a small screen. Suspense builds, although the guests begin to become momentarily complacent.

    Everywhere guests look they are immersed in media content, flying across fabulous landscapes and immersive dreamscapes. There are no distractions interrupting the storyline. Once lift off occurs there is only pure, uninhibited flight.

    • Multi-Projector Auto-Alignment System
    • Balanced Counter Weight System
    • Multi-Channel Audio Zoning