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INTAMIN AMUSEMENT RIDES offers the largest complementary line of products in the amusement ride industry. INTAMIN is known from the numerous entries in the Guinness Book of Records for the Highest, the Fastest and further superlatives in amusement rides in the world.

Notwithstanding the reputation for big rides, INTAMIN rides are also designed of such size and cost as to meet the client’s demands and needs.

As the worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier of amusement rides and attractions,

INTAMIN is the only company in the attractions industry producing and offering a very wide selection of every different kind of amusement rides and attractions.

In nearly all categories we hold a position as the market-leader. Following are the product groups of INTAMIN rides: Roller Coasters, Water Rides, Thrill Rides, Observation Towers, Free Fall Towers, Giant Wheels, Dark Rides, Round Rides & Simulators.

What is clear to all who know the names is that we are synonymous with innovation, quality and creativity as shown by the numerous from IAAPA and others for ‘Innovation in Technology’ and ‘Best Ride’ categories.  INTAMIN’s customer list reads like a ‘Who’s who’ of the industry.


  • Family Launch Coaster
    The dynamic layouts together with the very smooth track, Intamin is so well known for, bring a lot of fun and excitement to the entire family.
    Intamin’s Family Launch Coaster…. and you get off with a big, big smile.

  • Using Intamin’s state of the art friction wheel drive system in combination with a unique and highly popular vehicle design, this coaster type has proven to be an exciting and lower cost variation on Intamin’s family of launch coasters. With quite a number of installations already in operation and currently half a dozen of such family coasters in execution, the unique vehicle design in combination with the highly efficient drive technology prove the huge success of this family coaster type. The upright seating position, in a side by side arrangement with two passengers per vehicle, in combination with the individual lap-bar paired with foamed seats and on top of all this the exciting launch/boost experience, guarantees a safe and unique ride experience combined with a high comfort for passengers. The design of the vehicles can be adapted to different themes.

    All the different available layouts of Intamin’s Family Launch Coaster have several features in common – a launch from a standing still position, recommendably a booster section resulting in two launches, proximity of the track to the ground to increase the feeling of speed, many ups and downs respectively ‘bunny-humps’ and a number of twists and turns and changes in direction, most of them executed as banked curves.

    The dynamic layouts together with the very smooth track, Intamin is so well known for, bring a lot of fun and excitement to the entire family.

  • LSM Launch Coaster
    The LSM Launch Coaster is a signature ride from Intamin. Intamin's LSM Launch system is the most powerful available on the market and at the same time very smooth....

  • Here are 2 examples of LSM Launch Coaster

    Phantasialand, Germany – “Taron”

    TARON is full of surprises and riders will not have time to take their breath.  With this unique layout, the track crosses an unbelievable 116 times, which is a World record for any coaster. TARON holds a total of 4 World Records. Besides being the fastest multi launch coaster in the world, having the fastest catapult drive (LSM) in the world, it is also the longest multi launch coaster of its kind in the world and the number of intersections is breaking any record.  

    Another major innovation and also most important factor of TARON’s success is Intamin’s newly developed train for this LSM Multi Launch Coaster. One of the most important requirements were highest passenger comfort and this for all body sizes, a high degree of freedom and with this no shoulder restraint, an elevated seating position so that riders cannot touch the floor thus increasing the feeling of flying, and no bar or other form of obstacle between the seats in each row (also to allow for an easier and quicker loading/unloading).

    As for the layout, the 1320 meter long journey begins at the station where riders board the 16 passenger train. After a short dark section, the train reaches the launch. Once the train comes to a stop, the train is launched from a standing still position to a breathtaking speed by means of Intamin’s LSM drive system. The riders go over a number of humps and hills, through S-curves, high banked curves and tunnels, before the train is boosted on the 2nd launch to reach its top speed of 117 km/h. What follows is the spectacular combination of many near miss elements, additional air time and all this at a real fast pace. Shortly before the end, the train is decelerated by eddy current (i.e. magnetic) brakes making the stop as smooth as the whole ride.  

    Ferrari Land-PortAventura World, Spain – “Red Force”

    Looking at Ferrari World in PortAventura there is one thing not to miss, the “Prancing Horse” (Ferrari Logo) protruding from the tower of RED FORCE. Without a doubt, RED FORCE has already made its mark in the park as its svelte form is visible from several kilometers away and has become an integral part of PortAventura World’s skyline.

    RED FORCE experience starts at the acceleration station, a real recreation of a Formula One pit stop. Intamin’s exceptional LSM drive system, which is the most powerful available on the market, catapults the train to a thrilling speed of 180km/h in less than 5 seconds. This acceleration is equivalent to 1.35g, making it a veritable experience for racing fans and speed lovers. At the end of the launch track, riders are pushed back into their seat feeling the tremendous momentum of 4.8g before zooming up the 112 meter high tower. On top of the tower, riders hold their breath prior to dropping back down at a 90° angle, picking up full speed again, before hitting the brakes and moving back to the station. The three Ferrari Formula One look alike trains, painted in the exclusive Ferrari Rosso Corsa racing red, offer an hourly capacity of 1’200 passenger.

    With its height and speed this attraction is Europe’s unrivaled HIGHEST and FASTEST roller coaster.

  • Rapids Ride
    Invented by Intamin in 1979, the Rapids Ride has proved to be the world’s favorite family water ride. Every year millions of people experience the fun and thrill of an Intamin Rapids Ride....

  • Working with clients to ensure that each and every Rapids Ride built is exactly what the owner wants, no two rides have ever been the same. Layout, capacity and ride effect are all carefully planned with the customer to ensure that each Rapids Ride meets or exceeds the expectation of the guests, taking climate, culture and decoration into account.

    Robust, reliable and safe - built to withstand the most arduous conditions of climate and environment, all parts are supplied to the highest standards. Components are chosen for their reliability and maintainability. Rafts are supplied with hard wearing bumpers capable of a working life in excess of fifteen years in some instances, each bumper (flotation collar) is built with multiple chambers for safe operation even in the unlikely event of rupture of some chambers. Wear rings enable maintenance to ensure a long life. By offering a large variety of standard elements, which can be mixed together to provide each ride with a different adventure, Intamin’s flexible approach gives every park a unique and popular attraction.

  • Sky Jump
    The Sky Jump is a highly unusual attraction, which is the first of its kind to offer the guests an unforgettable sky diving experience. The development of this very unique attraction was only possible by using a special magnetic braking system....

  • Since the everlasting success of Giant Drops in various forms - be it with standard seats or with special features such as stand up or tilting vehicles - Intamin exceeded

    everyone’s expectations creating a new extreme thrill ride. The Sky Jump is a highly unusual attraction, which offers the guests an unforgettable sky diving experience. The development of this very unique attraction was only possible by using a special magnetic brake system designed by Intamin. This patented brake system allows Intamin to offer this very new challenge to park owners and their guests. The Sky Jump is challenging thrill seekers’ knowledge of Giant Drops. It is not a basic tower on which vehicles once

    at the top are released to give the free fall experience. Here, the riders experience the fantastic lifting of the vehicle going up the tower structure. Once the ascent is completed, the seats are tilted up to 110 degrees, so that riders face the ground, exactly in the same position as skydivers once out of the plane. After a few seconds (determined by the operator) in this position, face forward, the vehicle is disconnected from the catch car and accelerates downwards in a 100% real flying free fall, reaching a speed of up to 95 km/h. The vehicle is brought back to its seating positon when approaching the braking section. The use of magnetic brake ensure a safe and smooth deceleration to reach the ground. Riders experience the exact same feelings as skydivers, face forward to the ground to finally get back in a vertical position as when they open their parachute for a soft landing.

  • Suspended Family Coaster
    Ride a Suspended Family Launch Coaster… and you get off with a big, big smile!
    Since the track is above them, riders will experience a flying and freedom sensation with their feet dangling, not being able to guess what figure is coming next.

  • “Drage Kongen” at Djurs Sommerland, Denmark is a big success since its opening. The Suspended Family Launch Coaster reaches a top speed of 85 km/h and has a track length of 825 meters.

    Riders board one of the 2 suspended trains, each seating up to 14 people. With a jolt, the launch propels riders through the firebolt temple before ascending to a height of 30 meters.  Europe's longest and fastest Suspended Family Coaster has been designed to fire up thrill seekers young and old. Drage Kongen has made its den in Djurs Sommerland's newly-opened Asian themed area. Riders beware - the dragon has just awoken from a 1,000-year sleep and is preparing to hold them in its iron grip. The track hurtles through the dragon's subterranean lair and is bristling with razor-sharp bends, mystery and thrilling weightlessness. The dynamic layout together with the very smooth track, Intamin is well known for, brings a lot of fun and excitement to the entire family.

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