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Zamperla - The Amusement Ride Company since 1966

Founded by Mr. Antonio Zamperla in 1962, the company is today synonymous with creative designs and cutting edge technology - from early design concepts to finished products.

This capacity has led to long-standing collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Disney, Universal, Six Flags and Warner Bros.

Zamperla is able to provide its clients with A to Z service along with a dizzying array of attractions: ranging from small children’s rides to the most extreme and sophisticated roller coaster rides for teens and adults.

 Press Releases

  • At the 2018 IAAPA Euro Attraction Show the focus will be on Roller Coasters and Z+.

    2018 will see Zamperla opening several important new roller coasters around the world, including examples of the brand new Factory Coaster and the Spinning Coaster. The first of these will be installed in Wanda Wuxi, China. It will be the first model of the majestic Factory Coaster, which has a capacity of 16 passengers in each of seven vehicles in addition to some special features that add the right thrills to the ride. These include a light launch, backward switch and a huge drop tower. The Spinning Coaster will be installed in Abu Dhabi and will be a huge Twister Coaster with completely new vehicles, providing two trains of four cars for a total capacity of 16 passengers in each train. In November 2017, the third example of Zamperla’s Thunderbolt coaster began operations in Dalian, China. Dalian Discovery Kingdom is divided into six themed areas clustered around a central lake and in its newest area the central attraction is the Thunderbolt coaster, Zamperla’s leading coaster. Featuring a different layout to the first version, the ride’s footprint is 107m x 71m and it incorporates 675m of track full of a vriety of featurers. Maximum speed is 85km/h and riders are seated in one of four, nine-seater vehicles. To add further to the experience, the park has created a specially themed area around the ride, with a magnificent castle which incorporates the full coaster track. In addition to the Thunderbolt for Mason Robotland in South Korea, the fifth example fo the ride is due to open next year at Mundo Petapa, Guatemala. The goal for Zamperla in 2018 is to continue to grow in the roller coaster field and to be at the forefront of the sector with new technologies and in following market trends.

    Z+ is the new Zamperla brand which represents a new business division of the company born with the aim of creating new experiences using the latest hi-tech developments applied to rides. The VR BOX is the first six dimensional, suspended simulator and incorporates VR content – the tech of the moment! It is the result of a question, frequently asked by operators of small parks and indoor FECs, as to how they can offer customers a ‘big coaster’ experience when they don’t have the space or budget to do so. Now Zamperla has the answer to that question – the VR Box. Within the attraction, eight riders on two rows of four suspended seats enjoy a genuine coaster experience as the VR Samsung Gear displays real videos of roller coaster rides shot with 360° cameras. The sensation is enhanced by real audio recorded on site and wind machines within the product.To complete the new ride, Z+ offers a range of different outer shells designed to attract visitors with their cool, eye-catching shapes.

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