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WhiteWater is the leading global designer and manufacturer of innovative waterpark products and active family attractions for world-class clients. We specialize in waterslides, multi-level water play structures, wave-generating equipment, FlowRider® stationary surfing machines, harnessed attractions, interactive play and water rides. 

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 Press Releases

  • International industry veteran, Tim Mow will be joining the WhiteWater Southeast Asia team as Vice President of Development and Technical Services as of October 1, 2017. Tim’s career in the aquatic industry has spanned the past 30 years while being involved in developing and managing multiple iconic waterparks on three different continents. Tim began his career in waterpark operations and maintenance working at four different waterparks in California before moving into a project superintendent role for a commercial pool construction company. After spending 17 years in the industry, Tim took his career overseas as Director of Engineering for Dubai’s, Wild Wadi Waterpark prior to his ground floor involvement in the design, technical services, pre-opening and eventual operation of Abu Dhabi’s Yas Waterworld.  After spending seven years as Park Manager and General Manager of Yas Waterworld (and 13 years in the UAE), Tim moved to Thailand and took over as General Manager of Vana Nava Water Jungle in Hua Hin.

    For WhiteWater Southeast Asia, Tim will be involved in all aspects of development and design, strategic planning, client representation, pre-opening and the technical requirements of the parks operated by WhiteWater Southeast Asia. Tim will continue to be based in Thailand.

    Tim and members of the WhiteWater Southeast Asia team will be attending the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Florida from November 13 – 17, 2017.  Stop by the WhiteWater booth located at #2039 and #2240 on the Trade Show Floor.

    About WhiteWater West Southeast Asia Co. Ltd.

    WhiteWater Southeast Asia is expanding! WhiteWater Southeast Asia is the one-year old integrated services company from the industry leading water and theme park attraction manufacturer, WhiteWater West Industries Ltd., in partnership with the premiere Thai Hospitality Company, Vana Nava Company Limited (owners of Vana Nava Water Jungle in Hua Hin). With projects in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Jordan, Bahrain and Pakistan, WhiteWater Southeast Asia is adding a key industry veteran to their team, to oversee Development and Technical Services.

    WhiteWater Southeast Asia provides all the traditional services of their parent company, WWI: Concept Design, Schematic Design and of course the full line of award winning WhiteWater West Industries waterslides, attractions, rivers, surf pools, FlowRiders and children’s interactive water play, with the additional benefit of offering Operational Consulting, Market Research & Feasibility, Technical and Operational Services, Pre-Opening Services and Operational Management. WhiteWater Southeast Asia is based in Bangkok, Thailand and currently services the Middle East and Southeast Asia regions. 
  • (Oct 02, 2017)

    As you stand at the base of No Boundaries™, the giant structure towers 75-feet high above you. It is truly an iconic attraction offering high thrill zip lining and challenging climbing activities for guests of all ages and skill levels. No Boundaries is unique to the market, expertly integrating different ways to play within one attraction, creating an unforgettable, never-before-seen experience. With both harnessed and unharnessed activities, weaving obstacle courses with uphill climbs, downward descents, and a winding aerial zip coaster this impressive complex presents a one-of-a-kind experience for the entire family.

    To accommodate all of the different elements which No Boundaries incorporate would normally take up substantial square feet, so the WhiteWater team had to reimagine the space by building up to create this enormous attraction and fit them all in within a condensed footprint of 860 m² to 2000 m². The team created a core interior which climbs four storeys high and houses a central area where parents can watch, film, or encourage bravery. The 18 columns that radiate from the core support secondary structures such as a ropes course, elevators drops, and wave climb. 

    “We’ve really packed this attraction with features,” says Mark Weston, Designer and Product Manager of No Boundaries. “I’m extremely proud that we’ve created, for the first time, parallel play in one structure where siblings of different ages can race across the attraction in tandem; the older enjoying the high thrill harnessed play while the younger test their limits with unharnessed challenges. It is a mini-family adventure park all on its own!”

    WhiteWater has invested years in innovating this attraction so that it delivers both operations efficiency and an amazing guest experience. They say that the devil is in the detail and there are many details which are firsts with No Boundaries. Efficiently operated, this attraction is practically self-running; WhiteWater’s automated and patented safety technology allows guests to explore the structure with limited supervision. Their continuous harness clip allows guests to zip from one platform to another without ever having to unhook. This technology will shorten queues and allow for a higher capacity throughput.

    When designing a new attraction, especially one as innovative as No Boundaries safety is a critical design and testing consideration and this required extensive research, testing, and engineering time. The result is that No Boundaries is compliant with ASTM International and the China State Construction International Holdings (CSCI) codes. Each design is evaluated using carefully calibrated simulations followed by meticulous testing and fine-tuning to get the experience optimal and safety-assured. Environmental conditions also vary across geographies, and that becomes a consideration in design for operations and maintenance. “We’ve invested in creating a product which is designed to last even in the most challenging environments,” said Weston. “It is the quality of the design and build which sets new attractions like No Boundaries apart and which makes our clients’ investments last and keep delivering guest satisfaction and a healthy return on investment.” 


  • Slideboarding
    Award-winning gaming fun...

  • The recipient of TEA’s Thea Award of Outstanding Achievement, Slideboarding is the reimagining of waterslides, by adding an interactive ‘video game’ experience to new or even existing rides.

    WhiteWater have gamified the waterslide; moving the guest from a passive ride experience to an interactive and engaging one.

    Riders step up to the kiosk, place the unique ride vehicle, appropriately called the Slideboard, into the cradle to sync the board to their account; here they can create their username, pick the level they want to play from 1-60, and even pick from one of 9 music genres to listen to while playing the game.

    As riders race down the Slideboarding path they press the coloured buttons on their vehicle’s handles while passing under the corresponding coloured targets. If they’ve timed it just right, their handles will vibrate to let them know that they’ve scored points.

  • Mat Blaster
    The evolution of mat racing...

  • The winner of last year’s IAAPA Brass Ring Award for Best New Product, Mat Blaster combines the fun of mat racing with the thrill of an uphill water coaster, the inspiration for which came from riding a Master Blaster with a foam mat. On the initial drop, riders plunge headfirst down a 4 meter (13 feet) drop into a valley before climbing two hills that lead into a 360-degree Whizzard loop, making it a truly unique ride experience.

    The world’s first Mat Blaster has been in operation since June 2016 at Yinji Xinmi Waterpark, China’s largest waterpark. Its compact layout, scalable size, and reduced tower costs may have made it a hit with park operators, but it’s the ride’s easy accessibility, thrilling lifts and dips, and 360-degree loop that have made it a ‘must-do’ attraction for guests.

  • Fusion Fortress
    The world’s largest AquaPlay...

  • The Fusion Fortress, is a mini waterpark in a single attraction. Towering five stories high and incorporating 10 slides, guests can enjoy a full range of sliding experiences from body slides to dual-raft rides, including WhiteWater’s Boomerango and Super Bowl. And as with all AquaPlay’s, there are plenty of elements to keep guests playing for hours.