Wibit Sports GmbH

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Wibit reinvents the playground..and it's on water!

Wibit is all about fun on the water!

The German watersports company Wibit Sports has been producing inflatable water sports products for commercial grade since 1996. Wibit is distributed in over 75 countries worldwide. From Commercial Pools, Resorts, Camps or Open Water Locations, Wibit believes people everywhere should experience the excitement of play on the water.

Inspired by a passion for sports, Wibit promotes physical fitness, motoric skill development and social interaction in the most playful way.

 Press Releases

  • Wibit is the brainchild of two innovative entrepreneurs that wanted to bring fun and excitement to water all around the world.
    German based Wibit Sports GmbH has been producing inflatable water sports products since 1996 and created the floating water park industry. With distribution in over 80 countries, Wibit products are found in commercial pools, resorts, lakes and beachfront locations worldwide.

    Wibit takes playground devices from the land and brings them to the water – for the pleasure of youngsters and grownups alike. The modular components have different play functions and can be connected in any way to form huge floating Sports Parks on various bodies of water.

    Safety is a number one priority for Wibit. All products are designed in Germany and meet the high quality and safety standards which are certified by various test houses like the reknowned German TUV.

    To get more information about Wibit, visit our website: www.wibitsports.com

  • Finding the right manufacturer for an inflatable water park is not easy. What factors are important to consider except the fun of the products? In a growing market with an increasing offer, the expertise and service of the provider is getting more crucial every year. So before basing your choice on a mere product price only, think about what follows the purchase. 

    Installation, operation and maintenance will be concerns for the whole time of your business as they are repetitive every year and they will decide on the outcome of your annual performance.
    With 20 years of experience in the water sports business, Wibit is the expert on installation, operation and maintenance of aquatic playgrounds. We will pass this knowledge over to you to ensure the best possible performance and long-term profitability of your Sports Park!

    Learn more about our Success Factors on our website: https://www.wibitsports.com/success-factors/ or contact us directly at info@wibitsports.com