Yu Kids  

Izumisano,  Osaka 
  • Booth: 5800

BLD Oriental, manufactures of the orignal Yu Kids PlaySystem

Yu Kids has already proven itself as a hit around the world with children and parents alike. With over 600 locations in 30 countries, Yu Kids is possibly the best soft play system in the world. This unique Japanese soft play system provides an engaging, enriching and educational play experience for young children. Yu Kids blends visual appeal with movement to create a unique and stimulating kinetic children's experience. You can choose from over 40 different Yu Kids activities to create a play system that works best for them as well as the environment you are wishing to use. Yu Kids provides children with animated and unique play opportunities, and also gives parents the peace of mind that their child is playing in a safe, visually engaging and stimulating environment. Each Yu Kids play system is designed specifically for your environment so no two Yu Kids are the same any where in the world.