CAVU Designwerks  

Victoria,  BC 
  • Booth: 1086

The Journey to Infinite Possibilities Starts with CAVU!

CAVU Designwerks provides world class Media Based Attractions creating unparalleled guest experiences. Our greatest strength is our unique knowledge and vast experience to build an amusement attraction in the right way. We deliver smarter designs, efficient manufacturing with overall integration and management of the complete attraction.

CAVU is built on the operational philosophy of selling first class, safe attractions at a reasonable price. Our portfolio includes theatres, dark rides, suspended rides and thrill rides.

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  • Free Flight™ Hexapod
    The ultimate Flying Theatre with the optimal design and highest safety and reliability standards...

  • CAVU’s Free Flight™ Hexapod is a building block system and may be used to produce Flying Theatres of varying sizes using multiple modules on multiple levels along with an immersive screen.

    Once riders are loaded with their lap bars secured, the seat unit rolls forward into screen. Every rider has a front row seat. The Hexapod motion system is able to move in six directions including pitch, roll, heave, surge and sway, in synchronization with the projected media, sound or special effects. Wind, water mist or multiple scents can be introduced from the canopy above.

    CAVU’s Free Flight™ Hexapod delivers unparalleled aerial adventures such as soaring over key landmarks or high adrenalin aerial fighting experiences. When the show ends, the theatre seating platform returns to the load/unload position. Lap belts are released and riders exit. Riders enter the theater as previous riders exit, minimizing load/unload times.

  • CircuMotion®
    A motion-base platform within a dome shaped theatre...

  • Developed in partnership with Falcon’s Creative Group and Kraftwerk Living Technologies, CircuMotion® is a motion-base platform within a dome shaped theater, capable of playing 2D or 3D 360 degrees media content.

    CircuMotion® removes the constraint of a traditional theatre arrangement, making it a unique, one of its kind attraction system. The circular motion base system guarantees the best possible view for all guests and a fully immersive experience regardless of their seat placement. The unique guest arrangement of CircuMotion® will open up possibilities in the realm of storytelling and bringing guests closer than ever to a fully immersive experience.

  • Midnight Express™
    High capacity excursion tram simulator featuring virtual cockpit...

  • CAVU's Midnight Express™ is a touring tram simulator set in a fully immersive environment that provides riders with a realistic excursion experience.

    Our touring tram simulator offers the most advanced design in the industry. A high-walled projection screen wraps around both sides and in front of the motion base mounted vehicle. Unique to our system is a drop down loading platform and large radius screen to provide the best visual experience possible. Also, our dual station offers back to back ride systems to double capacity and increase efficiency, making the queue lines short and the fun factor long.

    The on-board motion base produces pitch, roll, heave, bounce and vibration. The vehicle includes onboard monitors, sound and special effects of water mist, wind and scent. The cockpit and pilot at the front of each vehicle is created by high quality video projection. Guests feel like they are being driven in a real excursion vehicle on a very unique journey.

    The vehicle sides pivot upward to provide easy guest access and sight blocking as guests enter the ride area. Each vehicle accommodates fifty guests in ten rows of five guests each. A collective lap bar provides restraint and a convenient hand hold for guests. The complete solution consists of Themed Vehicles, Motion Platform, Surrounding Screens, 3D High Intensity 4K projectors and High Fidelity audio.

  • Turbo Racer™
    Fast Action Dual Purpose Dark Ride/Coaster...

  • CAVU’s Turbo Racer is an action - packed dual function dark ride / coaster that takes guests on an exciting experience through a highly themed environment. The vehicle drives through a number of scenes, races up and down hills, maneuvering around curves, avoiding collisions, all with exciting media capturing guests’ attention. At a given point of the indoor ride portion The Turbo Racer’s motion based vehicle, with its ultimate design, stops and can transition from an indoor dark ride system to an outdoor coaster track with speeds up to 80km/h. The vehicle eventually transitions back onto the indoor track until it reaches the end of the journey back in the unloading area.

  • Eagle Force™
    High Capacity Thrilling Dual Rotating Carousel Ride...

  • CAVU’s Eagle Force is a high capacity thrill ride that offers guests a one-of-a-kind, iconic park experience. At 30m tall, this colossal structure provides multiple rotating motions creating unique sensations with ever changing forces and views.

    Eagle Force consists of two separate carousels with outwardly facing seating positioned on a compound steel frame and suspended rotating structure. The suspension structure consists of two towers with a rotating hub and frame between them. On each end of the rotating frame are rotating carousels that seat 24 riders each.

    The loading platform is designed to drop down providing required clearance for the rotating carousels as they pass.

  • Power Glider™
    Suspended Powered Dark Ride Coaster...

  • CAVU’s Power Glider™ system is a suspended, powered, spinning coaster that provides a family-friendly aerial tour through an elaborately themed and/or media rich environment. The ride system consists of a number of 3-vehicle trains suspended from a common track. Each self-powered vehicle carries 4 riders. The seating module is capable of spinning about its vertical axis a complete 360 degrees, allowing perfect, directed viewing of the environment.