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Korea (South)
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Our vending machines are specially made for Lollipop, mini rolls candy and also for capsule toys. 

You can put the several different size of capule toys mixing at the same time in the machines.  These machines are working as a pure vending and also with game function.

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 Press Releases

  • Introductoin of new concept vending. 

    * New concept of candy vending machine( Stair way to haven)

    New operating candy( Lollipop and Mini rolls) vending was develoed and have distributed morethan 9,700pcs in S.Korea. 

    We sold about 90mil.pcs of candies in year 2016 in S. Korea using these these vending.   We have distributed about 900pcs of this vending in UK in 2016.     This vending is very popular due to not only selling the candy  also give the fun & interesting to the peoples.  You can get the new business opportunity. 

    * Different size of mixing balls selling vending & game machines.

    The current capsule toys vending be accepted only same size of capsules at the same time. However,  our new vending macines can insert different size of capsule tosy or balls ( mm~90mm) at the same time in a vending.   

    One of this machine can replace to work for 10pcs of manually operated current vending machines.   Therefore, there is reason to have a big space for selling several kinds of capsule toys and can sell even in the small space like the family restaruants.    This machine can also accept bank note and help to increase the sales.   The light and music be supported and to get the easy eye catching from consumers because it looks someting alive.

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