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Are you ready to WOW your customers? We can help!

At Creative Works, we believe memorable experiences make people happier.

As an entertainment operator, you’re in the business of delivering happiness, smiles, and joy every day. We call this the WOW Effect, and it’s the driving force behind our team.

We’re a group of designers, artists, and dreamers and we want to help you WOW your customers. We do this by balancing interactive elements and durability in everything we build: attractions and themed environments for the entertainment industry, including laser tag, mini golf, escape rooms, and arcade attractions.

Who are our clients? Just about every type of entertainment facility, from bowling centers and laser tag facilities, to FEC franchises and amusement parks. As past operators, we’ve been in your shoes and we understand what it takes to build a successful entertainment facility. And more importantly, we know the mistakes to avoid.

Are you ready to WOW your customers? We can help!

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 Press Releases

  • Creative Works announced on Tuesday, November 1, 2017, that the company will become the exclusive North American distributor of Hologate, a new virtual reality attraction. Creative Works will debut the new attraction at its IAAPA Expo booth #4271 on November 14, 2017.

    “We are extremely excited to have found a great partner in Ignyte,” said Creative Works president Armando Lanuti. “We can’t wait to bring this new and immersive technology to family entertainment centers (FECs) across North America. We believe that Hologate will be perfect for FECs that recognize the value of virtual reality.”

    Creative Works partnered with Ignyte, a German virtual reality and media company, to bring the immersive, 4-player attraction to the North American region. The add-on attraction has a footprint of only 300-square-feet making it ideal for facilities of all shapes and sizes. Using hardwired HTC Vive headsets and easy to use controllers, Hologate can be enjoyed by players of all ages. Furthermore, with motion tracking technology built into the headsets, Hologate can serve handicapped players looking to experience virtual reality firsthand.

    Hologate uses state of the art virtual reality and computer technology to run its games at 90-frames-per-second, eliminating latency and motion sickness. Additionally, Hologate uses a single, simple to use touch-screen control panel to operate the attraction, requiring only one attendant to run it without any complex training. This attraction is designed with backwards and forwards compatible parts that make upgrades fast and easy.

    To learn more about Hologate, visit Creative Works IAAPA booth #4271 or visit

  • Creative Works celebrated their 20th Anniversary in October, a feat that very few businesses have known.

    Creative Works owner Jeff Schilling filed the paperwork and founded the company on October 9, 1997. That was the year ‘Titanic’ hit the movie theaters, ‘Seinfeld’ was the most popular show on television, and Hanson released the hit song ‘MMMBop’. Obviously much has changed since then; both pop culture and Creative Works.

    When Schilling started Creative Works he had a vision to revolutionize the laser tag industry. At the time, most laser tag arenas were built with cheap plastic barriers, sloppy fluorescent paint and standard geometric patterns. There were no themes or unique characteristics to differentiate businesses. He saw an opportunity and it ignited a passion.

    Today, the landscape of the laser tag industry looks significantly different. Laser tag arenas are anchor attractions at family entertainment centers. Laser tag was once considered a fad, but that’s no longer the case. These fully themed, immersive attractions drive birthday parties, adult traffic and revenue at thousands of facilities around the world. Moreover, it’s not just the industry that looks different; Creative Works has changed, too.

    In addition to laser tag, Creative Works also offers escape rooms, mini golf courses, laser mazes, arcade attractions and theming. Creative Works employs more than 40 full-time employees, ranging from sales managers and designers to muralists and sculptors. 

    “I’m honored to be a part of a company that has played such a pivotal role in our industry,” commented Creative Works president Armando Lanuti. “We are grateful to the hundreds of amazing clients who have supported us over the years, as well as the skilled employees who make all of this possible.”
    The leadership team at Creative Works has big plans for the future.

    “While this is an amazing accomplishment, we can’t rest on our laurels,” added Lanuti. “We’re excited about future growth and taking the company to the next level.”

    To learn more about Creative Works, visit


  • 0. Hologate Virtual Reality
    We’re thrilled to introduce Hologate, the next level of immersive entertainment. The Hologate virtual reality platform brings advanced graphic technology and immersion with a small footprint that will fit just about anywhere....

  • We’re thrilled to introduce Hologate, the next level of immersive entertainment. We partnered with Ignyte from Germany to bring this virtual reality attraction exclusively to North America. Hologate brings advanced graphic technology and immersion with a small footprint that will fit just about anywhere. It’s a perfect add-on attraction to complement laser tag, bowling, trampolines, or any other anchor attraction.

    Virtual reality is the hottest topic in the family entertainment industry. But so far, other options on the market have been prohibitively expensive or lacked the right technology to deliver a WOW experience. As a business owner, you need the right balance of cost, space allocation, and revenue. Hologate fits the bill and it’s the virtual reality answer you’ve been looking for.

    Space is a premium in any entertainment facility, which is why Hologate is designed to be compact. This 4-player mini attraction takes up less than 300-square-feet. The open-air layout allows spectators to see the players and take in the action on the monitors above the playing space.

    When players put on the VR headset, they are immediately transported to a new world; a new reality. Depending on the game mode selected, they either work together or compete head-to-head for the high score. The intense graphics on the 90fps headset make every motion feel real; no lagging, no buffering, and no motion sickness.

    Be one of the first to experience this new attraction at our IAAPA booth 4271.

  • 0. Infinite Escapes
    We deliver turnkey, fully themed escape room experiences that transport your guests to a different world....

  • There’s a good reason escape rooms have exploded in popularity over the past few years. Escape rooms help you reach an entirely new demographic. As a family entertainment center (FEC) owner, you can attract a new segment of the young adult market that may not have visited your facility in the past. When these new guests come in for your escape room, they’ll likely stick around afterward and spend money at your other profit centers: bowling, laser tag, restaurant, etc. Keep reading to learn how Infinite Escapes can help you capture this market.

    Other options on the market exist on two ends of the spectrum: do-it-yourself (DIY) escape rooms and full franchises. DIY rooms typically have basic themes, second-hand furniture, and lots of padlocks for puzzles. There’s nothing wrong with padlocks, as they have their place in certain rooms. But you have to give your guests more than just padlocks if you want them to come back . On the other hand, franchises require unnecessary franchise fees and royalties. This means you pay for the privilege of giving away a chunk of your revenue.

    Neither of these models work well for family entertainment centers, which is where our rooms come into play – pun intended! We deliver turnkey, fully themed escape room experiences. Your guests get a room that’s better than a franchise, and you don’t have to pay the extra fees. You keep all the money you make.

    Our immersive rooms create a far better experience than any DIY room because we focus on theme-appropriate, Gen 3 puzzles. These puzzles create the unforgettable “WOW” moments throughout the entire experience, not just one grand finale piece.

    Why should you choose us? Anyone can buy furniture pieces and throw padlocks on drawers and compartments. If you want to go this simplistic do-it-yourself route, our turnkey escape rooms are probably not the choice for you. If you want to raise the bar for escape rooms and give your guests more than just padlocks, let’s talk!