Dynamic Motion Rides GmbH  

Vienna,  -- 
  • Booth: 1886

Welcome to Dynamic Motion Rides!

DyMoRides philosophy is  to provide affordable state-of-the-art attractions with minimal operating and maintenance costs. 

Flyboard Flying Theatre & The Unique Semi-prone  Ride Position.

Guests enter the FLYBOARD and take their position at a Flyboard Support Device, the platform pitches forward to the neutral position and the guests lean comfortably into the Flyboard Support Device.

The multi-media presentation, coupled with sfx and the hi-tech motion system stimulates the human sensorimotor feedback system.

Guests are compelled to become involved in the “close to reality” experience and start to shift their weight from one leg to the other synchronously with the platform motion.

Flyboard provides an ultra-realistic and authentic flying experience where

your guests will fly like a bird.

The content can take them over breathtaking landscapes of natural or man-made iconic locations, or they can fly like one of their super-heroes. 

Flyboard enhances human perception through the stimulation of the sensorimotor feedback system and gets them involved like no other flying theatre.

Wide range of capacities from 12 persons to 120 persons are available.