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EOS: ExtraOrdinary Solutions. Waiting for you at stand 1031

EOS is one of the leader manufacturers of amusement rides and complete park solutions for both indoor and outdoor facilities. 

Known all over the world for its innovative approach to the business, besides the traditional rides, EOS counts a huge number of unique and patented products for children and family entertainment.

Thanks to the much investment in Research & Development, EOS has been prized with several international awards (IAAPA Best New Product,  rating #320 Best European Company by INC 5000, the GoldenPony, and more)

EOS : ExtraOrdinary Solutions, 100%made in Italy!

 Press Releases

  • (Oct 09, 2017)

    The Giant Ape Adventure is the latest amazing project developed by EOS.

    Installed in Carthageland theme park in Hammamet, Tunisia, the Giant Ape is a unique set for leisure and entertainment, featuring 3 main attractions: a giant animatronic, a customized spinning coaster (280 m long), and a dark ride experience.

    The whole set has been designed and installed on top of an existing building. 

    The experience:

    Visitors are invited to join an exploration, searching the traces of a notorious beast, which has freightend the world in the past.

    They reach a station, where a spinning train takes them to a breathtaking ride. And they finally get close to a giant monster. Huge flames burn high, when they approach. The beast rises in anger, roaring and yelling at them. The train continues its crazy run, but it's finally stopped in front of a cave. Geysers explode when the train stops and enters the cave. Here the visitors experience a mysterious jungle with unfriendly attacks and scaring events.

    The main piece of the set is the animatronic, a whopping 13 metres (42 feet) tall monster which has been carefully crafted to represent a real gorilla. Specialist craftsman at EOS based the extremely detailed model on scientific anatomical studies of the real animal.

    What gives it the edge, of course, is that it moves in truly terrifying King Kong style.

    For the majority of the time, the ape is seen resting on its knuckles, turning his head and looking around.

    Then, all of a sudden, King Kong stands up to its full height, raises its arms and thumps its chest angrily, while its head turns and its mouth opens, emitting an ear-splitting roar. Guests will even see the ape’s hot breath pour from its nostrils.

    EOS has employed special effects more often associated with blockbuster movies to create this truly thrilling coaster experience.

    Real flames, 6 meters (20”) high, flare when the coaster approaches the giant ape. Lights flash like those of a New York police car, referencing the original movie. The 7,200 Watt audio system ensures that King Kong’s roars can be heard a kilometre away.

    Amazing animatronic facts:

    • Dimensions: L 7m x W 6.5 m x H 13 m (Reduced to 9.5 m when down in resting position)
    • Total weight: 25,000 Kg
    • Installed Power: 235 kW
    • Hydraulic Plant: 150 kW
    • Audio system: 7,200 Watt

    Besides the animatronic, the set features:

    • A Customized spinning coaster, 280 m long, with 6 rotating vehicles, reaching a maximum linear speed of 60 km/h
    • An innovative dark ride, where video mapping contents are combined with projections and traditional 3D figures, for a very immersive experience where virtual and real items are combined and fused together.

    EOS, based in Treviso, Italy, designs and builds a wide range of rides and attractions including dark rides, transport systems, water rides and coasters. The company also offers complete amusement park solutions.

  • EOS has just signed a new agreement with Sanoyas Rides Corporation, who has the excellent records of installing amusement rides for theme parks in Japan and the whole Far East. The contract refers to the supply of a customized Graffiti Double (EOS most popular rotating drop tower).

    EOS engineering department is today studying in details the Japanese national standards for safety and security, to make sure that the ride will fully abide the national regulations.

    The ride will be installed before Summer Vacation of 2018.

    EOS has already sold more than 60 graffiti towers all over the world: from Europe (Italy, UK, Sweden, Denmark,.. but also Poland, Azerbaijan, Russia), the Middle East (UAE, Saudi, Turkey, Oman, Jordan, India …) North and south America (USA, Salvador, Venezuela, Colombia, Trinidad ..).

    Last year, some special editions of this ride were produced, featuring some special theming dedicated to the world's major landmarks: The St. Mark Clock Tower in Venice, the Kremlin tower in Moscow,  Burj-Al-Arab palace in Dubai, New York and the Statue of Liberty.  An example of the keen eye of the Italian company to the different cultures and traditions of the world.

    Landing in Japan is the latest achievement, attesting the world success of EOS innovative solutions