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Most successful man-made wave ever built.

FlowRider produces the safest, most durable sheet waves in the industry! FlowRider provides the WOW factor that keeps riders coming back for more, and it creates a central entertainment hub for any venue, whether waterpark, municipality, hotel or private residence! As the market leader in sheet waves it is evident that FlowRider products provide that market differentiation! Go with the flow!

 Press Releases

  • In our never-ending quest to deliver the safest, most durable products in the industry, we present FlowRider® 2.0. The world’s most successful sheet wave is now even better!

    This new design makes the ride more durable, easier to install and also to maintain.  One of the biggest breakthroughs was decreasing the water level which has delivered some surprising and excellent results. A shallow tank with reduced water volume means:

    • Less water = less money when filling the ride and lower costs to install and operate a filtration system

    • Less concrete = lower construction costs

    • Less excavation = lower costs and easier to build and install

      FlowRider 2.0 has also done away with the old side closures that fill the gap between the wall and the ride surface. This not only looks better, by reducing the chance of wrinkles, but it is safer and makes it easier to re-tension the super safe and patented ride surface.

      With constant focus on safety, we also increased the length of the recovery areas which reduces the chance of an impact with the ride perimeters substantially.

      Lastly, in working with our suppliers the pump technology has been upgraded to include a more corrosion resistant coating as well as changing the pump configuration, which allows for servicing in the horizontal position.

      All in all, we never rest on our laurels – it is our constant and never ending pursuit of perfection that helps us deliver the safest, most durable, and efficient sheet wave on the planet.

    If you would like to hear more about the amazing FlowRider 2.0, or if you’re just feeling lonely and you want to chat, give us a call at +1 619 241 2517 or contact us through our website http://www.flowrider.com/contact-us/
  • The Outer Banks in North Carolina just added another awesome thing to do onto their list – a 20-acre waterpark called H2OBX! And, you guessed it, there is a FlowRider® Double onsite. A waterpark without one just doesn’t seem right anymore – am I right?!?!

    Aquatic Development Group, the group behind the whole build, nailed this whole project!  Along with the FlowRider surf simulator, some other parts of the park include a Twin Tides Family Wave Beach – a cool dual beach entry wave pool, a 7-story slide called the Midnight Marauder, multiple ship-themed & family fun attractions and a thrilling Zero-G slide called RipTide.

    With food & beverage, lounging areas, a huge slide complex AND a FlowRider, H2OBX has hit the mark.

    “This park is a great location, the theme work is awesome and this FlowRider staff is pumped!” said Rob Chalfant, FlowRider Materials and Operations Manger.  His trip took place a couple weeks before the park opened to the public, so it was perfect timing to get the crew fine-tuned.  We do this with every wave we sell; we want the staff to feel comfortable not only maintaining the ride, but also riding and teaching patrons how to ride.

    We have decades of cumulative experience with this sort of training – we continue to evolve the training just as we have evolved the actual design of the attraction.  All of this makes for a smooth operation and Rob and the team plan on continuing full steam ahead!  We don’t sell the ride, give you the keys and walk away.  We are full-service, well-rounded team that is always on deck to make sure your team is equipped for success!  The H2OBX team is a few weeks into operation and are already feeling strong and stoked!

    See Ya On The Wave!


  • WaveOz
    The competition wave of the future...

  • The WaveOz uses the same sheet wave technology as the FlowRider family of products, and riders use the same types of boards to either bodyboard or stand-up ride.  The main difference is the ride surface – it is entirely inflatable! 

    Riders have 57 m (187 ft) from wall to wall along the top of the ride surface to show off their skills and push the limits of bodyboarding and flowboarding.  This ride offers a whole new playing field to the sport of flowboarding.  The sheer linear space on this attraction allows for more speed, more back to back tricks and an overall enjoyable ride experience. It is indeed the competition wave of the future. Profitability comes naturally, as not only does the ride generate substantial revenue through ticket sales, but it also has an astounding ability to boost revenues through Food, Beverage, and Retail
  • FlowRider Double
    The world's most popular sheet wave...

  • The FlowRider® Double’s patented and cutting edge design offers riders of all ages the thrill of surfing regardless of proximity to an ocean. Designed and engineered in Southern California, this product delivers the cool-as-ever surfing lifestyle to your venue. This highly sought after connection to board sports engages the teen market, their friends, and families. Profitability comes naturally as not only does the ride generate substantial revenue through ticket sales, but it also has an astounding ability to boost revenues through Food, Beverage, and Retail