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Lose the worry, not your stuff. Solutions here, no sweat!

Are guests losing cell phones at your venue? Win add-on sales by easily pre-selling PortaPocket patented solutions on your website (link w/FAQs) +offer at entry gate & by lockers. Wards off guest problems; brings new revenue.

  • Proven system to safely, comfortably, effectively wear small essentials on any attraction, either wet or dry
  • More versatile than any fannypack as works on multiple parts of body
  • Lightweight, modular, waterproof, & works over/under clothing
  • Literally fits everybody
  • Hands-free ease
  • Save money w/less daily cleanup of lost items


 Press Releases

  • Now thrill seekers can enjoy maximum confidence at amusement parks with minimum risk of theft or loss of small valuables. While lockers provide storage for incidentals and larger items, people gain peace of mind when they can safely strap cells, cash, cards, keys and IDs onto their bodies. PortaPocket® offers waterproof wearables that are lightweight, comfy, and more versatile than a fanny pack. These multi-tasking problem-solvers are safer alternatives to pockets in clothes, and bring multiple benefits for both guests and park staff, alike.

    Chicago – January 25, 2017  In this age of cellphone proliferation, people require more practical answers for the lack of functional pockets in clothing. This is especially true when people visit theme parks and attractions, and want to keep their smartphones with them. PortaPocket, by Undercover Solutions LLC has created a safe, streamlined solution to stow small electronics and other essentials for people on the go.  The company joined IAAPA in January, 2017 to focus on the needs of the amusement park industry and the modern park-goer.

    Undercover Solutions recommends the 3-piece PortaPocket 36” Belt & XL Pocket kit for the industry as it:

    • Includes a patented Loksak® waterproof insert sleeve (works up to 200’ deep)
    • Works for all kinds of attractions, from roller coasters to water rides (see demo of successful testing, here)
    • Accommodates up to an iPhone7 Plus (or equivalent); waterproof insert fits up to an iPhone7 with a case, or a ‘naked’ iPhone7 Plus
    • Is crafted of comfy, water and sweat-resistant neoprene
    • Has a 4” x 6.5” pocket that securely attaches to the 36” band with belt loop mountings (and can detach to instead wear on one’s own belt)


    Benefits of PortaPocket for park guests include:

    • Peace of mind during their visit (wearable solutions allow guests to free their hands and keep vital items close)
    • High flexibility and convenience (works for both wet & dry attractions)
    • Ease of use, in concert with lockers
    • Comfort and versatility to suit all body shapes and sizes (can be worn on multiple parts of the body: waist/hip, thigh, calf, ankle, arm)
    • Usefulness beyond the park experience: for working out, going out, travel  and everyday

    Benefits of PortaPocket for facilities include:

    • Opportunity to generate additional revenue and simultaneously solve guest problems (about how to effectively carry their cells, cards, IDs, etc) by offering them option of pre-purchasing PortaPocket on-line or at gate
    • Increase in halo effect /positivity while proactively addressing guests’ needs
    • Lower investment of time/energy in cleanups /hassle as fewer small valuables get separated from guests
    • Fewer upset guests at Lost & Found
    • Convenience of a universal value-add that’s effective throughout park, even for staff use

    “Facilities win while providing useful tools that solve guests’ problems, and improve on operations costs. Sharing information about PortaPocket while guests are thinking about what they need to ensure a more care-free visit will spark sales, and allow patrons to enjoy a more positive experience from the start to the end of their day,“ notes Kendra Kroll, Principal and Founder of Undercover Solutions, LLC and creator of PortaPocket.

    The PortaPocket system is also useful for facility’s special events on Halloween and other occasions. Advantages include:

    • Modular, interchangeable pieces (allows different configurations)
    • Convenient yet discreet carry of IDs++ (under pocket-less costumes)
    • Pockets have belt loop OR Velcro® mountings to suit a range of needs
    • Flexibility to wear on almost any part of the body
    • High adjustability to fit every BODY on Earth
    • Functional utility for use either under or over one’s outfit
    • Accommodation for people with allergies and disabilities as also fits    EpiPen® and other vital medical devices


    For a 40-second demonstration of how the system works, see here; for a demo of successful use on rides at Six Flags, see here.

    For an animated view of park goers needs, and how parks can benefit from adding PortaPocket, see here.

    PortaPocket products/ kits sell at MSRP from $10 to $30, and are available worldwide via http://www.portapocket.com.

    For more information about PortaPocket, by Undercover Solutions LLC, or for a sample kit, call 847-809-3408, or e-mail info@portapocket.com.

    Custom logos available.