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The hottest new trend for strollers, Stroller Costumes

Our patent-pending product is the first of its kind on the market, turning almost any stroller with a belly bar or tray table into a police car, race car, fire truck, or princess carriage. For parents who struggle to have their toddlers enjoy riding in the stroller, this solves a daily problem.


The stroller is must-have gear for parents! And we can help outfit them to work for many years while fostering imagination and creative play. Stroller Costumes are incredibly easy to assemble and fold with the stroller, eliminating the need to constantly attach and detach the costume from the stroller. 

 Press Releases

  • LAS VEGAS, NV (AUG 4, 2017) -- Every year we see hundreds of new products arrive in the children’s space. But, this year, we’re bringing the new kid to the block with something that has never been done before.


    Meet Stroller Costumes. The best and only way to turn gear you already have, the stroller, into an imaginative play space for children. Say goodbye to fussy, cranky kids who don’t want to ride in their stroller. Instead, say hello to the happy child acting out a magical world of being a fire chief, police officer, princess, race car driver and more!


    Stroller Costumes will take your everyday stroller and turn it into a playland of wonder. From Graco to Chicco, Stroller Costumes are easy to assemble in just minutes, and fits almost all strollers that have a belly bar or tray table. Best of all, there’s no need to constantly put it on and take it off. Stroller Costumes fold with your stroller, too.


    Create magic and excitement for children to bring their imagination into reality. The sense of self expression Stroller Costumes brings allows kids the freedom to make their wildest dreams a reality; all while allowing parents to accomplish tasks or running errands, hauling kids from place to place, or just relive their own childhood by watching their own children play and dream. Not only is Stroller Costumes great for everyday use, but imagine the Halloween costume designs it can be used for as well!


    Stroller Costumes solves the problem of having multiple bulky plastic ride-on toys at home. Ditch renting the fun strollers at the mall, and the added expense.


    Being the newborn on the market, you can be the first to talk about Stroller Costumes and introduce it to a whole new generation of parents. We’re changing the rules of play; spread the word.


    Stroller Costumes will be Exhibitng at booth 4681. Stop by and check out the new baby in town. We’ll even give you a chance to hold and play!  


    About Stroller Costumes

    Stroller Costumes is patent-pending and the brainchild of Moshe Atkins, who worked to solve the problem of the family walk being taken away by a fussy 2 year old son, not interested in riding in his stroller. After multiple prototypes, Stroller Costumes became what it is today, an easy to assemble accessory for both parents and children. We aim to deliver a fun and unique product that inspires children to play; all while having fun ourselves.


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