The VR Garage  

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full service sensory and virtual reality theming company

The VR Garage is a company working with sensory experience and virtual reality attractions bringing to the entertainment industry a new and fresh range of attractive immersive experiential solutions. The VR Garage team can design, build, install and support complex and demanding projects.

We design and deliver memorable cost effective solutions including using highly specialized 3D theatre set ups, fully immersive 3D virtual reality experiences and complete themed attraction scenarios and spaces.

We can work on both permanent and mobile applications.


  • Ghost Throne
    A modular VR horror simulator for arcades, FEC, shopping center kiosk, full range of effects, robotics, touch,smell wind with an amazing animation content for all ages...

  • The ghost throne was developed for a team of Imagineering’s with a purpose to take the themed virtual reality attractions to another level, The VR Garage will present at IAAPA an incredible modular attraction with a complete range of effects with an amazing horror content. From the begging of the ride until the end you will be amazed with robotics, smell, wind, touch, elevation, vibration, and some other surprising things that you will feel.