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Category: Hi-Tech Equipment & Services

Exhibitor List Index

1602 Group 2064
Advanced Entertainment Services E7733 Upgraded FacebookLinkedIn
AMEGA 5700
American Paper Optics 4711
Amusements International 4604
AquaTronic Water Attractions E7054 FacebookLinkedIn
ARC-Studios 533 Upgraded FacebookLinkedIn
Arena Space E7254
BANDAI NAMCO Amusement America Inc. 1000, 900
Battle Company 4689
BEC Rides 1674 Upgraded
Billings Productions, Inc. (The Dinosaur Company) 1860 Upgraded
Birket Engineering 1671 LLC. E7524
Breakscape Games 3573
Breeze Creative 2062
Brogent Technologies, Inc. 5715 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
CAVU Designwerks 1691 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Characters Unlimited, Inc. 3712
Christie Digital Systems 1686 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
CJ 4DPLEX 1358
Creative Visions 2675 Upgraded Facebook
Creative Works, Inc. 4274, 4471 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
CXC Simulations LLC 1054
Daniels Wood Land, Inc. 469 TwitterFacebook
Delta Strike 203
DOF Robotics 1388 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Doron Precision Systems, Inc. 2069
DreamCraft Attractions LTD. 1689 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Dreampix 1639
Dynamic Attractions Ltd. 1073 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
E2M Technologies E7205 LinkedIn
EAI Haptics 3283
Electrosonic 867
Euclideon Entertainment Pty Ltd E7145
E-Virtuality 272 FacebookLinkedIn
Exit Reality VR E7135 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Eyeclick 3475 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Falcon's Creative Group 2278 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Fantawild International Limited 1654
Five for E7501 TwitterFacebook
Foto Master Ltd. 4863 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Froggy’s Fog 2878 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Funovation, Inc 2854 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
FX EMOTION 3254 Facebook
Galaxy Multi Rides 5176, 8310
Genesis Studios, Inc. 772 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
GEP Productions, Inc. 824
Gilderfluke & Company Inc. 1667 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Global Special Effects 5547
Goo Systems E7320
Gooest Media E7113
Guangzhou CeYuan Electronics Technology Co., Ltd 451
Guangzhou Huichen Animation Technology Co., Ltd. 351
Guangzhou Longcheng Electronic Co. Ltd. 748
Guangzhou Loyol Animation Technology Co., Ltd 549
Guangzhou Miou Technology Co., Ltd. 646 Facebook
Guangzhou Skyfun Animation Technology Co., Ltd 3086 FacebookLinkedIn
Guangzhou VRway Technology Co.,LTD 248 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
HaiChuan Dinosaur Landscape Science and Technology Co., Ltd 3189
Halloween & Attractions Show by TransWorld/Legendary Escape Games 4757 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
High Definition Multi-Sport E7220
HollowZone Immersive 465
Holovis 778 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Home Run Zone Corp E7001
ICAROS GmbH E7409 FacebookLinkedIn
Ice Creative Entertainment 4764
iCOMBAT Laser Tag 628 Upgraded Facebook
Immotion Group 3675
Injoy Motion Corp. 1006
INOWIZE E7533 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
iSlide BV 3046
KaraokeMedia E7621
KATVR 2891
Kraftwerk Living Technologies GmbH SponsorOnly Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
LA Photo Party 4245 TwitterFacebook
LAI Games 1033 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Laser Ammo USA Inc. 3151 TwitterFacebook
Laser-Blast 4267 Facebook by Zone 2866
LASERTRON, Inc. 1631
LearningZen.Com 4650 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Legacy Entertainment 1062 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
LifeFormations 869
M SKY CO., LTD. 209 Facebook
Mack Media GmbH & Co. KG 2671 Facebook
MajorMega E7101 TwitterFacebook
Master FX 872 Facebook
MaxFlight Corp 3065
MediaMation, Inc. 1069
Mee Industries, Inc. 3271 FacebookLinkedIn
Minority Media / Chaos Jump E7251 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Mirror Mazes International 3688
Moog 1649 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Movie Power Technology Co.Ltd. 250
National Fiber Technology 1765 TwitterFacebook
Navitar 2059 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Neweb Labs 264 Upgraded FacebookLinkedIn
nWave Pictures S.A. 1066
Oceaneering Entertainment Systems 1982 Upgraded
OCT Vision Inc. 3028
Oneail FX Studios LLC 4073 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Only Dinosaurs Science & Technology Co., Ltd E7300 Facebook
Orlando Special Effects, Inc. 1665
Pale Night Productions 266
Pan Amusements 3228 5583 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
People VisionFX 2666
Pevnick Design, Inc. 2683
PlatformaVR E7226 TwitterFacebook
Pomvom SponsorOnly Upgraded
Private Label VR E7025 Facebook
Raydon E7401 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Reynolds Advanced Materials 2172
Robotic Solutions, Inc. 1675
Rocas & Design 275 LinkedIn
Rockin' Rollin' Video Game Party 3106 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Safe-Strap Company LLC 4626 TwitterFacebook
Sally Corporation 2267 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Sanhe Robot 1773 Upgraded
SCALE 1 PORTAL, INC. 254 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machine Co.,Ltd. 348 TwitterFacebook
Sigma Services, Inc. 1865
SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment 2281 Upgraded Facebook
Simtec Systems GmbH 1059 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
SimWay AB 257 Facebook
Simworx Limited 3069 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
SMAAASH Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. E7213
Snowmagic 4252 Facebook
Springboard VR E7334 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Stereolife 4004
Talon Simulations 671 FacebookLinkedIn
The Juice Films 1657 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
THK America, Inc. 4371
Triotech 1578, 1978 Upgraded TwitterFacebook
UK Department for International Trade 1873
Ultraleap 3081 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Ultratec Special Effects 862
Unis Technology (H.K) Limited 631, 831 Facebook
Unit-e Technologies 102 TwitterFacebook
Unlimited Leisure 1351 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Vekoma Rides Manufacturing B.V. 5136
VR Coaster GmbH & Co.KG 2669
VRCAVE INC. 4015 FacebookLinkedIn
VRstudios 4386 Upgraded TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
VRX Ventures Ltd. 5400 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Waltzing Waters, Inc. 1362 Upgraded
WAVE ITALY 1629 Facebook
Weigl Controls 269 TwitterFacebook
wiegand.waterrides GmbH 3580 FacebookLinkedIn
Winterland Inc. 1086 Upgraded
Xtraice 4213 TwitterFacebookLinkedIn
Zigong Cetnology Science and Technology Co, Ltd 3089
Zigong City Dragon Culture & Arts Co. Ltd. 3274
Zigong Dino Walk Science & Technology Inc. E7427
Zigong Gengu Dinosaurs Science And Technology Co.Ltd. E7040
Zigong Red Tiger Culture & Art Co.Ltd. E7406
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