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Welcome to iCOMBAT Tactical Laser Tag Equipment and Systems!

iCOMBAT has stormed the market with the best laser tag options for everyone. Whether you’re looking for tactical options or family-friendly solutions, iCOMBAT has something for you. iCOMBAT offers state-of-the-art equipment and accessories, integrative and customizable software and features, live technical support and training courses to bring your laser tag games to life.

From tactical gear and replica weapons to outdoor, kid-friendly “non-gun” options, let iCOMBAT be your one stop shop for everything you need! At iCOMBAT, our number one goal is to produce the most realistic, advanced and exciting tactical laser tag equipment the world has ever seen. When it comes to laser tag technology and features, no one even comes close. Made completely in the USA, iCOMBAT crushes the competition in all laser tag aspects. Check us out today!  

 Show Specials

  • (Jul 16, 2018)
    iCombat is offering a limited time 7.5% discount on all orders placed during the IAAPA show. Visit our booth to see all our show specials! 


  • irSMG
    Experience the next generation in laser tag. The Sub Machine Gun option is the first of its family from iCOMBAT GEN3 Core system. This laser tag gun is packed with new features and is our most genuine and advanced weapon yet....

  • Experience the next generation in laser tag. 

    The Sub Machine Gun option is the first of its family from iCOMBAT GEN3 Core system. Our newest line of products will have virtually seamless compatibility with all of our other products new and old. This laser tag gun is packed with new features and is our most genuine and advanced weapon yet. The irSMG offers the most realistic combat in laser today.


    + GEN3 Core - Universal link compatibility
    + AmmoCharge - Quick Change batteries + ammo system
    + BlastCoil - CO2 free realistic recoil
    + Smash Audio - Built-in speaker system
    + StageFire - 2 phase trigger system
    + TruFrame - Authentic realistic firearm design
    + American Made - Manufactured & tested by USA’s finest
  • Laser Tag Accessories
    We offer a wide range of exciting accessories! Our online booth features a few of our accessories that will make a great addition to your laser tag arsenal, come check out our booth in person for more accessories and limited time discount options!...

  • Dominator

    Fully Integrated Objectives

    The Dominator brings an entirely new dimension to laser tag gaming. The Dominator syncs seamlessly with the iCOMBAT Engine software (ICE) for complete customization. The prop can be used and controlled in an unlimited amount of games. Players shoot down the center to activate the Dominator, which will change to their team color. ICE will recognize which player and team activated the device and award scoring and achievements accordingly.

    You can sync multiple Dominators to the ICE software for a variety of awesome games. The software will recognize how many devices are synced and the score will show on the game screen. In Domination mode, teams are awarded .5 points every second for each device they control - meaning three captured Dominators will yield 1.5 points per second. The ultimate laser tag prop!

    Respawn Pod

    Get Back Into The Game

    The Respawn Pod enables quick and easy respawns so players can get back into the game faster than ever before. The device illuminates in the color of the team, set by ICE, and allows multiple players to respawn at once. The signal is sent out in a 360-degree radius when the button is pushed, and works 5-10 feet away. 

    Featuring long-lasting rechargeable batteries with a constant power option, mounting brackets, and bright colored LED's, the Respawn pod is a durable device ideal for any laser tag field. It wirelessly syncs to the CCM server and works with all iCOMBAT systems.

  • Plate Loader Vest and irHeadband
    Our Plate Loader Vest and irHeadband create an immersive experience for your players, registering both head and body shots. Come check out our booth in person for more products and limited time discount options!...

  • Plate Loader Vest

    The wireless Plate Loader Vest is a lightweight chest sensor solution. Black and camo color schemes are available for purchase. This vest includes three sensors in the front and one on the back.


    + Wireless syncing and adjustable straps
    + All-weather durability
    + Self-wicking nylon


    Laser tag's first wireless headband.

    Add more receiving sensors to your body with the irHeadband. This wireless, adjustable headband includes four additional sensors and a beeper to guarantee effective headshots. It can be worn with or without an irVest, which provides operators with many more game options. Now you can do such things as zombies, protect the president, or simply give players the option to wear either the irVest or the irHeadband. Both function in the same manner.

    Additional features include wireless syncing to your guns or irVest, adjustable sizing, durable all-weather construction, easy cleaning, three built-in modes, and more! The irHeadband is a great addition for more game options. 

  • Invictus
    A sturdy and sleek design that takes into account the most requested features. Provides a fantastic tool for the traditional laser tag market!...

  • Invictus

    With the addition of the Invictus, iCOMBAT now provides a fantastic tool for the traditional laser tag market. A sturdy and sleek design that takes into account the most requested features for use of indoor arenas such as flashlight functions, multi-colored and individually controlled LEDs, haptic feedback, and a full-color screen used to provide the player with instant information. The Sensor Sling is a lightweight and easy to wear bandoleer which is wired to the phaser or you can use a vest which is connected wirelessly. The Invictus can also be used outdoors and in stand-alone function without additional sensors or software.

  • Laser Tag Software
    We have the most advanced laser tag gaming software on the planet. Read about the features of ICE and check out our booth in person for more information and discounts!...

  • Laser Tag Software

    The most advanced laser tag gaming software on the planet.

    The iCOMBAT Engine (iCE) brings your laser tag games to life. Of course, you could use simple Gun-2-Gun mode, which is jammed with features, but with iCE a single operator can control every aspect of the game. iCE also helps manage your facility marketing, membership, registration, armory, finances, and more. iCE requires the CCM server to run games.


    Minimum Requirements 
    Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64 Bit Only) 
    Intel Core i5 processor 
    4 GB RAM, 5GB HDD 
    1280x720 Resolution Monitor

    Recommended Requirements 
    Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64 Bit Only) 
    Intel Core i7 processor 
    16-32 GB RAM, 5GB HDD 
    1920x1080 or Higher Resolution Monitor 

    We suggest using a computer dedicated to 
    running only games and game-related activities (Lights/Sound).

    Software that does everything


    The complete software package.

    +The iCOMBAT Engine (iCE) manages everything from your gameplay to your business operations. Several different licenses are available to obtain upgraded features, but you can run unlimited custom games for free.

    +You can manage your finances, operations, marketing, player accounts and payments, bookings, and so much more to keep your center running smoothly.

    +All of your equipment is connected wirelessly to the software through the CCM Server. This lets you control the gear over a large area.

    +Updating your laser tag sets is quick and easy with the iCOMBAT Engine (iCE). Plug in your gear via USB and click update.

    +The Barracks online software seamlessly integrates with iCE to give you complete control of these features from anywhere.

  • Business in a Box
    Our business in a box options is everything you need to start your mobile or rental laser tag operations! Visit our booth to learn more about our business in a box option and about discounts!...

  • All-in-one laser tag solution.

    Business In A Box - Hero Blast

    Containing everything you need, the Business in a Box is a revolutionary way to take your laser tag operation with you on the go. Featuring 8 Hero Blasters and 1 Dominator, the Business in a Box is taking the mobile operators to the next level! The carrying case houses a self-contained charging system; just plug the box directly into the wall for easy power for all the Blasters!

    Business In A Box - Barracuda

    The Barracuda provides a hassle-free and exciting way to play laser tag anywhere! Experience complete gameplay with all the options built into the unit. Customize your player name, view game stats, set up custom games, enable teams and respawn, set time and ammo, and so much more. Plus, QuickPlay mode lets you turn on the unit and start playing right away. This is ideal for simple laser tag parties and younger audiences. The Business in A Box contains 6 Barracudas!

    The Barracuda is very popular with and ideal for rental centers, FEC's, campgrounds, roller skating rinks, mobile gaming trucks, paintball fields, and more. It works indoors and outdoors, features long-lasting battery life, and is compatible with all other iCOMBAT systems. The Barracuda can also connect to the ICE software, providing an unlimited amount of additional games. With over 500 businesses around the world using the Barracuda, it has proved to be extremely durable and very fun for a wide range of audiences

    Non-gun laser tag for anyone anywhere!

    Hero Blast is a revolutionary new non-gun laser tag system designed for the entertainment market. The device straps onto your wrist and allows quick and easy gaming anywhere. Take advantage of incredible features such as gesture based controls, touch screen controls, advanced laser optics, and so much more!

    The software comes ready to rock. Set up teams, choose a player class, and create your game. The Hero Blast works with or without the ICE software and comes loaded with five languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese).

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