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If ever you needed proof of innovation occuring in our industry look no further than CAVU Designwerks in booth # 1691. The future of attractions rests on the integration of advanced technology, more immersive

storytelling and more direct control for guests. For such attractions to be a true success, everything must be seamlessly integrated. With a singleminded vision, CAVU brings the attraction design and development

together, with distinct advantages from a creative, quality, project and cost management perspective. Working directly with you, CAVU offers a globally-recognized engineering and project management team who delivers your attraction on time and on budget.

If you are in search of a Flying Theatre, Dark Ride, Roller Coaster, Patented VR attraction or a revolutionary Interactive Experience stop by booth # 1691 and meet our team.

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 Show Specials

  • (Nov 08, 2018)

    Project Manager

    You are an experienced manager with 3+ years of experience and a firm grasp of PM tools.  You will lead every project phase from concept to commissioning.

    Project Engineer

    You have 3+ years of experience in ride development.  You will be responsible for designing, developing and installing rides on time and on budget. 

    Mechanical Engineer

    You have 3+ years of experience in design of mechanical systems.  You will be leading the design of complex engineering systems for new ride projects.   

    Electrical or Electro-Mechanical Engineer

    You have 3+ years of experience in control system design, fabrication and installation. You will be responsible for the design and integration of electrical systems for a variety of ride projects.   

    If you are interested in joining our team, we would love to hear for you! Email or stop by our booth to apply. 

 Press Releases

  • VICTORIA, BC – January 24, 2018 – CAVU Designwerks Inc. (CAVU), an attractions provider that specializes in delivering media-based attractions to the theme park industry, is currently working with the Macrolink Group to provide a “turn key” Flying Theatre attraction, “Beautiful Hunan”, in their historical destination resort, The Tongguan Kiln International Cultural and Tourism Center, located in Changsha, China scheduled to open in June 2018.

    In recent years, global travel to China has skyrocketed. There has been a significant push amongst Chinese officials to draw more attention to China's centuries-old historical sites and unique culture. To accomplish this, many Chinese companies are engaging western attraction providers to develop cultural experiences to transform Chinese tradition into exciting themed experiences.

    By marrying tradition with technology, Macrolink gives wings to a unique and exhilarating flying experience exploring the natural beauty and historically important cultural locations of Hunan province. From the ancient famous kilns of Tongguan, guests will explore breathtaking views of Hunan in a thrilling adventure soaring over the world famous Wulingyuan (Avatar) mountains, Mt Heng, historic Yueyang Tower, Mao Zedong’s house, modern Changsha City, and the exciting new development at Macrolink’s Modern Tongguan Center.

    CAVU, operating as an Integrator, positioned itself as an extension of the client’s team, and shared Macrolink’s efforts to explore the best solutions that balance costs and quality. As a global Integrator, CAVU chose the best experts for every facet, including media, AV equipment, programming and attraction design. The role of an integrator is crucial to the success of a Flying Theatre attraction because the attraction consist of many elements that must work in harmony to create a great guest experience. Poor programming, just like bad media or clunky equipment can ruin the experience.

    CAVU has the distinction of being one of very few Integrators in the themed entertainment industry. This unique positioning relies heavily on strong, longstanding relationships and a solid track record of delivering exceptional guests experiences on time and on budget.

    To view the progress of the development and installation of “Beautiful Hunan” Flying Theatre, please visit

    About CAVU Designwerks Inc.

    CAVU Designwerks provides media-based attractions for a variety of entertainment applications. The company's original designs, engineering experience and cutting edge fabrication, combined with uncompromising quality standards, allows CAVU to offer attractions that deliver an exceptional guest experience, ride performance and ROI. CAVU's global headquarters is in Victoria, BC, Canada, with offices in the US, China, and Korea.

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  • CAVU Designwerks, Inc., (CAVU) is pleased to announce a partnership with Force Engineering, Ltd., (Force) to sell Linear Induction Motors (LIMS) in China. This partnership positions CAVU as the sole distributor of LIMS in China. Peter Schnabel, CEO of CAVU explains, “The Chinese market for roller coasters is growing at a tremendous pace, creating an unprecedented demand for Linear Induction Motor powered propulsion systems. I’ve been fortunate to work with Force Engineering and the owners, Alan and Neil Foster, for over 25 years.  The business relationship has grown into a trustworthy friendship. I am pleased to introduce this quality product and support the need for LIMS by supplying these motors at an exceptional price. Force product allows us to bring a quality product to the market at an exceptional value/price proposition “

    Schnabel first introduced LIMS to the theme park industry by powering the Flight of Fear roller coasters for Kings Island and Kings Dominion using Force technology. These frictionless drive systems move the vehicle using only magnetic forces, rather than the typical friction systems with large, noisy motors. The LIM system uses a team of smaller, silent motors along the ride to propel the vehicle forwards. By eliminating the friction on the drive system, the noise for moving the vehicle is eliminated. LIMS are virtually maintenance free and the perfect application for indoor coasters opening in shopping malls where noise elimination is critical. They are an excellent choice for dark rides and almost any kind of transportation system.

    Together, CAVU and Force are now introducing the next generation of power saving intelligent LIMs with their new attraction being installed in China in 2019.

    About Force Engineering, Ltd.

    Established in England in1979, Force Engineering is a global company, dedicated to the development, design and production of Linear Induction Motors and other electro-magnetic and permanent magnet solutions. Force is based in England.

    About CAVU Designwerks, Inc.

    CAVU Designwerks provides next generation attractions for a variety of entertainment applications. The company’s original designs, engineering experience and cutting edge fabrication, combined with uncompromising quality standards, allows CAVU to offer attractions that deliver exceptional guest experience, ride performance and ROI. CAVU is based in Canada with offices in the US, China, and Korea

  • VICTORIA, BC – October 24, 2018 – The strategic alliance between CAVU and Framestore will introduce a new genre of rides called Game Changers at this year’s IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando. These attractions bring together CAVU’s engineering mastery in location-based entertainment, and Framestore’s world-renowned visual effects: two creative and technical companies with a legacy of world-class innovation and award-winning work, collaborating to create exciting new experiences.

    Gavin Fox, Creative Director at Framestore says, “Theme park rides have always told stories; taking people on adventures into space, under water, chasing bad guys or playing a part in a favorite movie. Lately a trend has arisen to add interactivity to rides. It often involves shooting targets to earn points, trying to beat fellow riders. This is great fun, but often at the expense of story and experience.

    “Game Changers introduce a new approach that intertwines storytelling and interaction into one idea; where the guests can interact with the story itself, not just their score. With guests being able to ‘choose their own adventure’, we’re giving them a way to react to a situation as it happens. They get to choose how they want to deal with it, and genuinely make the story their own.”

    All of this is achieved by making each element of the ride experience change-able in real-time, based on immediate feedback from the guests’ interactions. Key to this are innovative ride systems, media visuals, ride profile, the path the ride takes, FX and sound. With each of these elements able to react, we have a revolutionary concept that hands over control to the guests - not only in terms of visuals, but also in the mechanics of the ride itself.

    “With CAVU’s new interactivity platform no two rides are the same. All aspects of the ride, from scenery to ride path, will change at your fingertips. This is no scavenger hunt. It’s a real-time action-packed adventure,” says Mark Stepanian, VP Innovation and Engineering at CAVU.

    In the location based entertainment industry it’s always about the next best thing. The need to drive more unique, mesmerizing and complex attractions that wow guests and drive success”

    CAVU Designwerks Inc.

    CAVU Designwerks grew out of a desire to continually bring innovation to ride systems and integrate end-to-end services to realize optimal results for clients in the themed entertainment industry. The company’s original designs, engineering experience and cutting edge fabrication, combined with uncompromising quality standards, allows CAVU to offer attractions that deliver exceptional guest experience, ride performance and ROI. CAVU’s global headquarters is in Victoria, BC with offices in the US, Korea and China. For more information, call +1 (250) 598-2189 or visit


    Framestore is an Oscar-winning creative studio that uses innovative talent and technology to create high-end images for every platform. Framestore partners with clients ranging from Hollywood studios through to advertisers, ad agencies, production companies and video game developers. In addition to being recognized for its globally celebrated visual effects, Framestore has more recently made its name as an innovator in the digital space by focusing on the immersive engagement potential of interactive visual effects.


  • Reaction Coaster
    Patent Pending
    CAVU’s Interactive Suspended Coaster is the first roller coaster to allow riders’ interactions to directly affect their ride experience.

  • The LIM powered coaster is able to accelerate, decelerate and move in reverse in near silence and with great accuracy. Each vehicle can rotate on its own axis and as it approaches immersive screens, the guest control the experience. By tracking the guest movements, the media, lighting and sound will react to them and allow for a unique game-like experience. The reactive sound and media follow the guests throughout the ride, creating a thrilling interactive journey every time.
  • Adventure Machine
    Patent Pending
    An interactive dark ride where guests come to decision points throughout the ride and, through their interactions, they choose which path to take and control the outcome.

  • Guests are confronted with interactive screens and depending on their actions, they are sent sent off on a relevant path. As the story continues, options are continuously presented. The direction of the ride and the outcome is controlled by the guests.
  • Tower Battle
    Patent Pending
    This ride features 2 vehicles on drop towers, each vehicle is a team. Between the towers can be a transparent screen, or traditional opaque screen allowing us to display immersive media in front of each team.

  • Each team can interact with the ride to cause the other team to rise or drop in the tower. Each team controls what happens to the opposing team. Who will emerge victorious?
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