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KristallTurm® rope courses 

Innovative high rope courses with individual design

Ultimate safety for the guests, efficient processes for the operators and the unique design make KristallTurm® high rope courses a special attraction. Our systems can be installed indoors or outdoors and are suitable for all sites, especially also for urban spaces. The installations can be expanded at any time. We individually adapt the high rope course to the existing conditions. This makes every KristallTurm® high rope course unique. Since there is no fixed course, each guest is free to choose the climbing elements. Bottlenecks and long wait times are eliminated. Guest enjoyment is maximised along with capacity utilisation for the operator. We always plan the station elements jointly with our customers. In doing so, we strive to create each high rope course under a special motto of regional relevance or according to a specific theme. 

 Press Releases

  • The first issue of the EuroAmusement Professional magazine in 2018 was published a short time ago. It contains many exciting reports and articles. Furthermore, it includes a detailed and very interesting company portrait about KristallTurm®

    With numerous facts, an entertaining interview and lots of pictures, readers will get an idea of our high ropes course business. 

    Take a look at the sample issue

    Source: ©EuroAmusement Professional Trade Magazine, Heft 1/18, G.P. Probst Verlag,


  • KristallTurm® high rope courses
    KristallTurm® high ropes courses are free-standing and space saving installations. They offer a lot of advantages:
    Visitor magnet
    Large target group,
    Highest safety standards
    Patented design
    Minimum maintenance effort

  • KristallTurm® high rope courses are versatile and can be operated in different ways: 

    Variety of business concepts

    KristallTurm® high rope courses can be realised as stand-alone attractions or integrated into numerous business and operating concepts: 

    Expansion of climbing halls or sports facilities

    Addition to existing recreation or amusement parks

    Summer attraction in winter sports regions

    Active and sports offers in hotels, schools or social facilities

    Special attraction in shopping centres

    Recreational offer of municipalities/cities in public parks and facilities


    Suitable for all climate zones

    Outdoor: Weather-resistant, even close to the ocean, at higher altitudes or in urban areas

    Indoor: Adaptable in height, extent and shape

    Versatile application possibilities

    For example, various target groups can be addressed with different orientations:

    Amusement & action: Family fun for young and old

    Sport & training: Demanding, challenging climbing elements

    Education & team building: Events for groups and companies

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