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Water Slides and Rides - No Customer is Too Big or Too Small

Arihant provides Top Quality Slide Manufacturing with In-House Custom Concept Design (2D/3D), and Engineering for Waterparks, FEC, Indoor Resorts, Amusement Parks, Municipalities.

Home of the 2018-2019 Leading Best Price Guarantee and Extended Warranty Program for Top Quality Performance Water Slides throughout North America.

Portfolio of Rides:

  • Water Play Structures
  • Family Water Rides
  • High Throughput Capacity Attractions
  • Single Rider Slides
  • Custom Theming
  • Major Water Park Rides
  • Junior Slides
  • Dry Rides
  • Playgrounds
  • Expansion Tower Rides

Offices: Orlando, FL USA - India HQ

Brands: Infinite Fun / Tots equipment

 Press Releases


    NEW for 2019 at IAAPA, Arihant Presents

    Two NEW Waterpark Rides

    Over 64 SQ FT of 3D Waterpark Models on Display – most at IAAPA

    Stop by our booth and get a FREE Caricature Drawing

    Meet Ride Model Maker - Jeff Scott of Extreme Mega Models

    Photo Opportunity with Donald Trump look alike

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    Press demonstration Thursday, November 15 at 2:20-2:45 pm, Booth # 2656

    (Mumbai, India and Orlando, Florida, USA. 10/30/18)   Arihant Water Park Equipment (Arihant) – leading global manufacturer of water slides and rides for waterparks, amusement parks, zoos, resorts, hotels, campgrounds, and municipalities — will unveil its most aggressive marketing plan on November 12th. Arihant launches its Best Price Guarantee - Longest Warranty for a Top Quality Water Park Rides marketing program to serve its North American region customers. The plan is simple-- refuse to lose a job based on price, provide top quality rides, and stand by our workmanship with the longest warranty the industry as ever seen. “In America, park developers and operators have been handcuffed to a few Canadian manufacturers with high prices, little warranty, long delays in production, and an unwillingness to meet the customer's needs. With our new generation-six molds and the recent advancements in technology, we have proven our ability to manufacture equal to or superior products to our competitors. Years ago, Soft drink bottler Pepsi was successful with an unlabeled taste-test challenge showing that there is more out there than just one or two names that can execute for Americans to select from. We believe by offering the consumer more for less it's going to taste better and in some cases, it's more than half the price in savings. Someone might ask how can we offer a great product for less, its simple, our competitors mark up the price an awful lot for rides, some of these have been on the market for over ten years. If you think about it, it's engineering, steel, and fiberglass reinforced plastic; the industry has many skilled professionals but we aren’t using technology to ride a spaceship to Mars. We can still make an honest living from our margins and do just fine.” said Jim DeBerry, Senior Manager, North America    visit

     The Unveiling of New Water Rides                        

    Arihant launches two new rides, an immersive activity water play structure named “Treasure Ship” and a new family ride line called “Bay Series” with our “ThunderBay”, “TropicalBay” and “DragonBay”

     Treasure Pirate Ship

    This attraction includes a multi-platform or deck level of a lifelike pirate ship theming and ten slide attractions designed all for all ages. The ship features from five to ten slides, including on hull with slides specifically designed for juniors in mind at 36 inches to 48 inch height requirements. Also, the forecastle or next level up of the ship features slides for sailors 48-54 inches of height or greater with NEW Gen6 double-sided Light Resin Transfer Molding Technology (G6LRTM). Each platform or deck level features a pathway guiding guests inside the ship and lets them explore various interactive elements featuring Arihant’s “Easy-use” technology, the elements include water cannons, and can total up to 150 splash-n-play interactive water effects overall, as well thematic lighting experiences, immersive water games and interactive play features. On the main topsail and foresail, commonly known as the top deck includes thrill rides for those with heights of 54” or greater. The top Level it built to suit with the possibility of adding family slide option for 3-6 riders with new Gen6 translucent ring effect technology and one speed slide. The ground level can be filled with our latest interactive water spray features to serve ADA compliance needs. On the ground deck we include the option for tot slides with no-height requirements such as the mini-mate slide racers, mini-mate tube racers, water curtains, theme aquatic creatures slides to suit any water park needs.  Set your sails and splash across in pirate training on your way to becoming a full-fledged shipmate for all ages. Guest can take plunge by way of a 500 gallons of dumping water every one hundred and twenty seconds from the themed oversized tipping bucket. This attraction can be plug and play in pieces starting a footprint as small as 150x115 feet.

    Bay Series - Thunder Bay

    There is an ever growing need in the family experience segment. This tube attraction is designed to hold two-to-six passengers per tube. With Arihant’s new Gen6 technology we have created a family experience that twist, turns, excites, and thrills for all riders to enjoy.  Thunder Bay includes an enclosed portion with GEN6 LRTM technology and translucent rings, along with a 180 degree turn before a screaming thrill of a 20-foot drop into an open flume reaching speeds at 18 mph and with swinging pendulum motion over six times for another 30 feet of slide experience ending after one last 90 degree turn at runout or pool. This attraction has international market slide path options such as Spiral Bowl, Saucer Turn, Cruiser, and Funnel. Height requirements including a 36-inch height minimum, 700 lbs per tube, estimated rider capacity of 350 per hour.

    American Park Award Winner

    Adventure Landing – Shipwreck Island– Jacksonville Beach, FL

    See industry icon Hank Woodburn and park operator Jeremy Christian receive a custom Championship Belt Award.

    Each year Arihant honors individuals and parks for creating happy moments in the American community.

    Stop by Thursday, November 16 at 2:20-2:45 pm, Booth # 2656

    Model Maker Contest Award Winner

    Jeff Scott of Extreme Mega Models will have two of his latest 3D models on Display. Jeff’s work has been featured in many publications and even displayed at Cedar Point, among many other all over the world. Meet Jeff all week. Jeff will be available for Interviews on Thursday, November 16 at 2:20-2:45 pm, Booth # 2656

    FREE Caricature Drawing

    All week, get your free self-portrait drawing on an Arihant ride by  Theme Park Artist Victor Baker.

    Photo Opportunity with “Donald sTump” Celebrity Trump impersonator – Thurs, Nov 15th from 2:20-2:50




    Press Contact: JIM DEBERRY | Senior Manager, North America | (407) 960-0572

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