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BMI- the industry leader in automated redemption solutions.

BMI Merchandise is the amusement industry's leader in redemption technology and a top distributor of products. 

BMI supports the industry's most complete redemption merchandise range with proprietary technology that transforms the way these redemption products are selected and replenished.  Known as our Automated Merchandise Replenishment System, AMRS changes the redemption paradigm with on-site merchandise set-ups,3d planagrams, merchandise barcoding and so much more.  The result is the world's most efficient, just-in-time redemption inventory management.  

 Press Releases

  • Automated Redemption Exists!  BMI began this journey in 2008 when David and Shelley Katz realized there was a need to provide their customers a full-service redemption management program and they have not stopped innovating and evolving since!  “We never said it would be an easy road, automated redemption is not simple, said David Katz, CEO!  There are many factors to consider before launching a redemption management program and our #1 priority has always been our customer’s success.  So this was the birth of AMRS™, our 360° Redemption Solutions.  Our goal was to provide a through-line, from the redemption counter, to the location’s POS, to the BMI sales analytics team, thereby streamlining their daily operations with a just-in-time, POS-based merchandise strategy,” he noted.    

    AMRS Works!  Here’s How!  There has been a lot of debate lately in our industry as to whether automated redemption works or even exists.  “Well it does and we have proven the skeptics wrong!  “Our AMRS™ program has evolved and grown over the years since its initial launch 10 years ago and now there are NO other redemption management programs in the industry that even remotely compare to ours, said David Katz.”  AMRS™ incorporates state-of-the-art plan-o-gram technology with seamless merchandise analytics and aligns with every leading redemption POS system, ensuring accurate, efficient redemption merchandise management.

    Here’s a glimpse into AMRS™:

    1. The Design and Plan-o-gram process- Working with the location, the design team creates a 3D rendering designed to the locations’ specifications and dimensions that depicts exactly how the prizes are to appear on every wall and counter. 
    2. The Right Merchandise assortment- With the locations’ input, BMI creates the merchandise mix to reflect demographics, game count, sales history, and mark-up structure. 
    3. Set-Up & Installation- Once the plan-o-gram proposal is approved, our experienced field merchandising team travels to the location to set-up the store, from unpacking every box, to installing display hardware and merchandising every item with its custom point value card. 
    4. Training- After Set-Up- The BMI team trains the redemption staff on the entire AMRS™ program including how to use their management tools on their customized dashboard on the website.
    5. Automatic Replenishment- Following the set-up, our analytics team goes into motion creating automated re-orders based on actual inventory and usage from their stock report.
    6. New Item Introduction—BMI is consistently updating merchandise mixes to reflect trending brands, movies, etc.  These new items supplement slower movers, keeping the redemption area fresh.

    It’s not just Software!  Our AMRS™ technology is managed and analyzed by an experienced team of account managers & data analysts and yes, these are actual HUMANS!  It’s not just about what the software does, it’s about what the people at BMI do to ensure

    locations’ are running smoothly 365 days a year.  “You can’t just hit a RE-ORDER Button, ship the merchandise and expect the customer to be successful, said Shelley Katz, President BMI Merchandise.  You need actual people managing the program for the customer, it’s that personalized human touch! And, we genuinely value feedback and direction from our customers.  That’s how we exceed expectations for every customer!”  BMI’s dedicated team of Account Managers analyze their AMRS™ customers business and inventory on a daily basis to ensure they are in- stock and never over-stocked.  These analysts also plan & forecast for seasonal or local events, school breaks, etc. happening in their markets to avoid “black holes” or missed opportunities.  If we aren’t managing our customers business and inventory, they will not be successful with the AMRS™ program.  It’s all about partner relationships!

     What Sets Us Apart from the Rest!

    Besides our 360° customer service, BMI offers many customized services for our AMRS™ customers that makes this a full-circle redemption program completely managed by our BMI team of experts. 




    On-Site Merchandise Set-Up/Installation- No Charge


    Barcoding Merchandise- No Charge


    Custom logo Ticket Value Cards-              No Charge


    On-site Staff Training after Set-Up-          No Charge


    Weigh-to-Count Program


    DPL compatibility with ALL POS systems


    Customized Website/Management Tools


    A continuously turning wheel!                                                                                

    AMRS™ is a full circle 360° Redemption Solutions Program with continuous moving parts of the system all working together.  Beginning with design and customized plan-o-grams, to the right merchandise mix, to on-site set-ups and complete inventory management, all at no charge.  AMRS™ remains an ongoing relationship and BMI is committed to providing seamless end-to-end support for our customers 365 days a year!   


    BMI is a 30+ yr. veteran in the Redemption Industry and we are constantly innovating and evolving to advance our redemption solutions for our customers to sustain and grow their business!  The company has evolved into an industry pioneer and technology-forward company focused on improving efficiencies for family entertainment centers.                                                                                                                                             BMI has proven itself to be a true partner with their hands-on commitment to distribute and merchandise a constantly changing mix of redemption products, the best brands and hottest licenses all while creating items integrated with the most advanced technology.

    For further information on AMRS, contact BMI @ 732-363-0212, 800-272-6375.

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