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[Korea Pavilion] Please visit our 10 awesome companies!

The Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA) is South Korea's government agency,
promoting the development of Korean creative contents. 
Our work is focused on development of arcade and VR
for publishing, overseas service and incubating of startup companies.


InnoTechMedia Co.,Ltd.
Komuse Co., Ltd.
rabbitory Co,. Ltd.
TL-Industry Co,. Ltd.
* XrisP Co., Ltd.

 Press Releases

  • Boasting its diversified line up of 4 arcades and 6 VR attraction companies, Korean government will be demonstrating creative contents based on its renowned technology.

       Korea Creative Content Agency(KOCCA) has gathered the country’s 10 best active and interactive companies for IAAPA, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, the largest international trade association for permanently situated and amusement facilities worldwide. With the varying collection of 10 companies, 4 from arcade games and 6 from VR contents, Korea Pavilion demonstrates its high quality technology with creative contents.

       4 arcade game companies, composed with two traditional and two interactive ones, provide differentiated experience in integrating traditional games with cutting edge technology. Coin operated games such as ‘Swing 4 Smash’ by Komuse, action arcade games such as ‘DartsI’ by Rabbitory, Digital Theme park called ‘Nori Park’ by XrisP and daily sports such as screen badminton, named ‘Smashingzon’, by TL industry.

       6 VR companies provide diverse genres. For freeroam VR, we have ‘Helios’ by Fingereyes, maximizing the immersion with additional MR. There is also company that provides not only VR games but also VR platform as well, such as Barunson. We introduce extreme sports as well such as paragliding, named ‘VR Icarus’ by InnotechMedia, which also has immersive media, and skydiving named ‘Airdrop’ by Putto Entertainment. We also have hack & slash ‘Darkeden VR’ by Softon Entertainment. Last but not least, another genre is education, which provides VR contents such as disaster safety and job experience by CNBOX.

       While global amusement industry is growing continuously, Korea is one of the countries to keep an eye on – stabilized technology integrated with appealing contents, the country is firmly taking its place in the global industry. Moreover, this year’s Korea Pavilion has developed its own biz-matching infrastructure to better provide the meeting chances and maximize interaction with the global society. So don’t miss out the opportunity to meet the 10 renowned companies – they will offer much more than what you expect! Korea Pavilion can be found at #483 of North Exhibit Hall from Nov 13th to 16th, operating 10AM to 6PM (Exception: 16th, until 4PM).

    OFFICIAL WEBSITE : https://sites.google.com/view/korea-pavilion-iaapa-attractio/%ED%99%88

    BIZ-MATCHING : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScAVskoWufWnTXkWji42Kfemc6-7B5SnbV_kOKMTnImwxaX0Q/viewform

  •            The country being well known for its fast developing technology and advancements, Korea Pavilion presents its VR and interactive arcade game companies at IAAPA 2018. Introduced by Korea Creative Contents Agency, also known as KOCCA, the selection of companies are diversified from VR contents and platforms to traditional and interactive arcade games.

               One of the strengths that the companies all have in common is their stability. While developing contents of latest technology, the 10 companies assure the players of its stable environment, even when with multiple players. In doing so, the contents add more dynamic and excitement to the users.

               It is especially the case for VR as the industry is on the verge of expansion. While not many companies are equipped with technology of contents and platform development, Barunson is specialized in the kids’ contents development and also VR platform development. It is projected that the company may bridge global VR contents with Asian industry. Moreover, Fingereyes has its contents of Freeroam VR, exclusive for VR theme parks with high quality VR and KOMUSE, which presents the most classic and well-refined products of arcade games.

               To better present the companies to the global industry, the pavilion also introduces special events for the visitors. First, for those who have still not registered for IAAPA, the pavilion gives out guest badges to those who have e-mailed them. Moreover, lucky draw events will be held on site which give away tech gears.

               Visit the pavilion, booth #483, to take a look around the companies’ contents and try out the lucky draw- we will be introducing you to the world of dynamic amusement business.  

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