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Imagine the Possible!

CAVU is here to bring the stuff that dreams are made of to life. As an end-to-end ride system developer, CAVU takes theme park attractions to new heights of guest experience. Bring us your project and we’ll show you what is possible.

In the location based entertainment industry it’s always about the next big thing. The need to drive more unique, mesmerising and complex attractions that wow guests and drive success. With the brightest design and engineering minds in the industry, CAVU delivers a full spectrum of services. Our promise is to create the most novel attractions in the industry.

CAVU is an aeronautical acronym for Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited. Our imagination and engineering talent is unlimited. We are product innovators and integrators who take your attraction to the next level through game changing ideas, exceptional design and engineering, and fully integrated immersive experiences that employ the most advanced media and technologies.

CAVU opened two ground-breaking attractions this year at Lionsgate Entertainment World in Zhuhai, The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride and Mocking Jay Flight Rebel Escape, Stop by our booth # 584 for more information on these two attractions. 

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 Press Releases

  • VICTORIA, BC – October 24, 2018 – The strategic alliance between CAVU and Framestore will introduce a new genre of rides called Game Changers at this year’s IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando. These attractions bring together CAVU’s engineering mastery in location-based entertainment, and Framestore’s world-renowned visual effects: two creative and technical companies with a legacy of world-class innovation and award-winning work, collaborating to create exciting new experiences.

    Gavin Fox, Creative Director at Framestore says, “Theme park rides have always told stories; taking people on adventures into space, under water, chasing bad guys or playing a part in a favorite movie. Lately a trend has arisen to add interactivity to rides. It often involves shooting targets to earn points, trying to beat fellow riders. This is great fun, but often at the expense of story and experience.

    “Game Changers introduce a new approach that intertwines storytelling and interaction into one idea; where the guests can interact with the story itself, not just their score. With guests being able to ‘choose their own adventure’, we’re giving them a way to react to a situation as it happens. They get to choose how they want to deal with it, and genuinely make the story their own.”

    All of this is achieved by making each element of the ride experience change-able in real-time, based on immediate feedback from the guests’ interactions. Key to this are innovative ride systems, media visuals, ride profile, the path the ride takes, FX and sound. With each of these elements able to react, we have a revolutionary concept that hands over control to the guests - not only in terms of visuals, but also in the mechanics of the ride itself.

    “With CAVU’s new interactivity platform no two rides are the same. All aspects of the ride, from scenery to ride path, will change at your fingertips. This is no scavenger hunt. It’s a real-time action-packed adventure,” says Mark Stepanian, VP Innovation and Engineering at CAVU.

    In the location based entertainment industry it’s always about the next best thing. The need to drive more unique, mesmerizing and complex attractions that wow guests and drive success”

    CAVU Designwerks Inc.

    CAVU Designwerks grew out of a desire to continually bring innovation to ride systems and integrate end-to-end services to realize optimal results for clients in the themed entertainment industry. The company’s original designs, engineering experience and cutting edge fabrication, combined with uncompromising quality standards, allows CAVU to offer attractions that deliver exceptional guest experience, ride performance and ROI. CAVU’s global headquarters is in Victoria, BC with offices in the US, Korea and China. For more information, call +1 (250) 598-2189 or visit


    Framestore is an Oscar-winning creative studio that uses innovative talent and technology to create high-end images for every platform. Framestore partners with clients ranging from Hollywood studios through to advertisers, ad agencies, production companies and video game developers. In addition to being recognized for its globally celebrated visual effects, Framestore has more recently made its name as an innovator in the digital space by focusing on the immersive engagement potential of interactive visual effects.

  • CAVU Designwerks Inc. (CAVU) an attractions provider that specializes in delivering media-based attractions to the themed entertainment industry is establishing a presence in the Middle East. The new branch, servicing Riyadh, Beirut and Abu Dhabi will allow CAVU to develop closer relationships with clients in the MENA region and provide seamless services to CAVU’s North Africa Middle Eastern clients.

    Recent policy changes now allow movie theatres to operate in Saudi Arabia, and the government is encouraging the development in the entertainment industry including building FECs and theme parks. CAVU is focused on serving the attraction industry and providing world-class attractions to this expanding market. International tourism in Saudi Arabia is forecast to grow by 5.8% per year from 2018 to 2022, according to a report from BMI Research. “As the investment into the amusement park industry grows across the Middle East, we at CAVU want to ensure that we offer a local presence during this exciting time of growth” says Peter Schnabel CEO, CAVU Designwerks.

    The General Entertainment Authority announced the investment of $71 billion to build the infrastructure that the entertainment sector will need. CAVU currently has offices in Canada, the US and China and with the growing opportunity in Saudi Arabia it is the perfect time for CAVU to expand again and establish a presence in the Middle Eastern market. Fahad Al Moammar, President of CGS, CAVU’s new partner in the MENA region, is excited to work with CAVU and push the boundaries for our business in this region.

    Mark Stepanian, VP Innovation and Engineering at CAVU Designwerks states “There is no doubt the amusement industry in the Middle East is growing, with more families looking for quality entertainment without needing to travel. By having a location that’s close to the expanding Saudi Arabia market, we are able to provide close support and align ourselves with our clients and their needs.”

    To get in touch with CAVU’s team in Saudi Arabia, please email

    About CAVU Designwerks Inc.

    CAVU Designwerks provides attractions for a variety of entertainment applications. The company's original designs, engineering experience and cutting edge fabrication, combined with uncompromising quality standards, allows CAVU to offer attractions that deliver an exceptional guest experience, ride performance and ROI. CAVU's global headquarters is in Victoria, BC, Canada, with offices in the US, China and now a presence in Saudi Arabia.

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  • VICTORIA, BC – June 3, 2019 – Thinkwell Group Inc. (Thinkwell) partnered with CAVU Designwerks Inc. (CAVU), DreamCraft Attractions Ltd. (DreamCraft) and Framestore to develop in collaboration with Lionsgate, two new next-generation rides showcasing Lionsgate film properties.

    These unprecedented attractions, The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape, will launch this year at Lionsgate Entertainment World in China, a first of its kind indoor immersive entertainment destination that features various state-of-the-art VR, AR, and multimedia attractions, performances, dining, and exclusive retail experiences based on some of Lionsgate’s most popular film franchises.

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    “CAVU and DreamCraft are excited to have collaborated with Lionsgate, Thinkwell and Framestore to introduce these revolutionary attractions to the industry at Lionsgate Entertainment World” explains Peter Schnabel, CEO of CAVU.

    The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride is an action packed hyper-reality VR experience set in the world of The Twilight Saga. “Midnight Ride is a VR motorcycle simulator that features real motorcycles, avatar embodiment and proprietary Predictive Ride TrackingTM. Dreamcraft has created a world’s first virtual ride path with real-time virtual motorcycle physics matched with real world motorcycles and motion bases." says Terry Sanderson, VR Producer at DreamCraft Attractions.  

    Mark Stepanian, VP Innovation & Engineering at CAVU describes Midnight Ride as a “first-of-its kind” attraction. “Guests can move throughout the Twilight world and interact with friends, family and familiar characters from a highly responsive motion base. Coupled with force feedback haptics, wind and scent, it is designed to fully engage all the senses. This ride makes for a truly ground-breaking experience.”

    [Concept image by Thinkwell Group of Midnight Ride]

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape places guests into the world of The Hunger Games, and takes them on a thrilling escape through the Capitol. As the first enclosed motion simulator in mainland China, this state of the art simulator is entirely electric and runs silently without environmental concerns.

    The 6DOF (degrees of freedom) motion base supports a 30-person cabin and features an eye-popping digital presentation, this attraction delivers a vivid and realistic experience guests will love.

    [Media frame of Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape, courtesy of Framestore]

    Lionsgate recognizes the need for focused expertise to move the industry forward through seamless collaboration. CAVU’s ride systems engineering talent combined with DreamCraft’s technical prowess, Framestore’s media expertise and Thinkwell’s creative and production leadership made The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride possible along with the state-of-the-art immersive cabin simulator The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape

    About CAVU Designwerks Inc.

    CAVU Designwerks provides attractions for a variety of entertainment applications. The company's original designs, engineering experience and cutting edge fabrication, combined with uncompromising quality standards, allows CAVU to offer attractions that deliver an exceptional guest experience, ride performance and ROI. CAVU's global headquarters is in Victoria, BC, Canada, with offices in the US, China and Saudi Arabia.

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    About DreamCraft Attractions Ltd.

    DreamCraft is pioneering fully immersive experiences using advanced VR and AR technology. With a strong focus on innovation, DreamCraft combines the hardware systems, proprietary software and storyline adaptations to build the next generation of attractions. DreamCraft has secured two major patents since 2016 and continues to define the next wave of immersive experiences. DreamCraft Attractions is headquartered in Victoria BC,

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    About Lionsgate

    The first major new studio in decades, Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) is a global content leader whose films, television series, digital products, and linear and over-the-top platforms reach next-generation audiences around the world. In addition to its filmed entertainment leadership, Lionsgate content drives a growing presence in interactive and location-based entertainment, video games, e-sports and other new entertainment technologies. Lionsgate’s content initiatives are backed by a nearly 17,000-title film and television library and delivered through a global sales and distribution infrastructure. The Lionsgate brand is synonymous with original, daring and groundbreaking content created with special emphasis on the evolving patterns and diverse composition of the company’s worldwide consumer base.


    Jim Yeager

    breakwhitelight (for Lionsgate)

    Office: 424-644-0225

    Cell: 818-264-6812

    About Thinkwell Group

    Thinkwell Group is a global experience design and production agency with studios in Los Angeles, Montreal, Beijing, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh.  Founded in 2001, Thinkwell specializes in the creation of theme parks, destination resorts, major branded and intellectual property attractions, events & spectaculars, museums & exhibits, expos and live shows around the world.

    This award-winning company has become a leader in experiential design by bringing a unique holistic approach to every creative engagement, delivering extraordinary results to notable clients over the years, including Fortune 500 companies, movie studios, museums, theme parks and destination resorts. For more information visit: or

    Notable theme park projects include the newly opened and critically acclaimed Warner Bros. Theme Park in Abu Dhabi, The Marking of Harry Potter Experience at Leavsden Studios, London, multiple shows and attractions for Universal Studios Florida, Hollywood and Sentosa, Ski Dubai and Ski Egypt.

    Media Contacts

    Los Angeles:  Katherine Mitchell

    Beijing: Shaw Shang  +86 188 1045 1080

    About Framestore

    Known globally for their visual  effects,  With a pool of 2400 talented artists and producers in studios across the globe, Framestore has a  proud history creating extraordinary images and scenes for some of Hollywood’s biggest pictures, collecting every possible industry award along the way.

    In 2008, Framestore won their first Oscar for Best Visual Effects for the film The Golden Compass; they also won the BAFTA Award for that film the same year. Framestore was also nominated for Oscars in 2007 (Superman Returns), in 2009 (The Dark Knight) and again in 2010 (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1).

    Tim Webber was the VFX supervisor on Gravity (2013), and the techniques involved in the film realised by Webber and the Framestore team took three years to complete. The team won the best visual effects awards BAFTA Award for Best Special Visual Effects at the 67th British Academy Film Awards, and the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects award at the 86th Academy Awards.

    Most recently, Framestore was received the Oscar for Best Visual Effects at the 90th Academy Awards, for its work on Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049.

    Media Contact

    Martin Izzard  +44 (0)20 7344 8000

    About Village Roadshow Theme Parks

    Part of Village Roadshow Limited, a leading international entertainment & media company, Village Roadshow Theme Parks (VRTP) is an international theme park operator with operations in Australia, the United States & China. The company is Australia’s largest theme park operator with Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World Australia, Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast, Paradise Country, Australian Outback Spectacular, Village Roadshow Studios, Sea World Resort & Australia’s first Topgolf. In the United States, VRTP is the majority owner & operator of Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas in Nevada. In addition, VRTP opened China’s first International water park with Wet’n’Wild Haikou and will operate Lionsgate Entertainment World, Asia’s first movie themed indoor interactive experience centre in Novotown, Hengquin, China.

    About Lionsgate Entertainment World

    Lionsgate Entertainment World is one of China’s most technologically advanced Theme Parks. It is one of the key attractions in Novotown – an integrated tourism and entertainment project in Hengqin invested by Hong Kong Lai Sun Group. Spanning across 22,000 sqm of premium indoor space, Lionsgate Entertainment World is set to bring to life some of Lionsgate’s most successful film franchises, including The Hunger Games; The Twilight Saga; The Divergent Series; Now You See Me; Escape Plan; and Gods of Egypt, with over 20 interactive and immersive attractions and rich entertainment offerings.

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  • Adventure Machine
    An interactive dark ride where guests come to decision points throughout the ride and, through their interactions, they choose which path to take and control the outcome....

  • Guests are confronted with ineractive screens and depending on their actions, they are sent off on a relevant path. As the story continues, options are continuously presented. The direction of the ride and the outcome is controlled by the guests.
  • Reaction Coaster
    CAVU’s Interactive Suspended Coaster is the first roller coaster to allow riders’ interactions to directly affect their ride experience....

  • The LIM powered coaster is able to accelerate, decelerate and move in reverse in near silence and with great accuracy. Each vehicle can rotate on its own axis and as it approaches immersive screens, the guest control the experience. By tracking the guest movements, the media, lighting and sound will react to them and allow for a unique game-like experience. The reactive sound and media follow the guests throughout the ride, creating a thrilling interactive journey every time.
  • Flying Theatre
    CAVU’s Flying Theatre delivers unparalleled aerial adventures such as soaring over landmarks or high adrenaline aerial flying experiences....

  • CAVU’s Flying Theatre is a modular system that can be configured into varying sizes using eight (8) passenger seat units on multiple levels facing an immersive screen. Once riders are loaded and their lap bars secured, the seat unit rolls forward into the screen.

    Each module has electric actuators and produces six Degrees of Freedom motion, (6 DOF) including pitch, roll, heave, yaw, surge and sway, in synchronization with the projected media, sound and/or special effects. Wind, water mist or multiple scents can be introduced from the integrated canopy above.

  • Motion Simulator
    CAVU’s Motion Simulator can achieve a wide range of motion from three Degrees of Freedom (3 DOF) to six Degrees of Freedom (6 DOF). This motion is synchronized with the projected media, creating a realistic and immersive vehicle experience....

  • Media delivery is achieved through a high-walled projection screen around both sides and in front of the motion base mounted vehicle or an integrated screen within the enclosed cabin. The vehicle can also include onboard sound and special effects of water mist, wind, and/or scent.

    The standard open top vehicle accommodates 50 guests and the standard enclosed vehicle accommodates 30 guests. Other capacity options range from 20 passengers to 80 passengers. The CAVU motion simulator system is highly customizable and can be themed to a variety of experiences including submarine, space shuttle, train, airplane and more.

  • Multi-Axis Dark Ride
    CAVU’s Multi Axis Dark Ride system has the freedom of movement similar to that of a robotic arm, but with a higher capacity of 8 seats per vehicle, giving this attraction the next level in efficiency and technology.

  • The ride system is comprised of a number of rail-guided vehicles with multi-axis motion bases mounted on top. The system is capable of tilting forward to a vertical position as well as rotating about its central axis. It has separate pitch control for the seat rows. Combining the movements, this provides a total of 4 Degrees of Freedom (4DOF).

    The standard motion base seats 8 riders in 2 rows of 4. Other capacity options exist ranging from 4 passengers to 12 passengers. The CAVU Multi-Axis Dark Ride is highly customizable and can be applied to many different themes.

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