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Create Powerful Emotions & Memories w/ Immersive Attractions

We Create Powerful Emotions and Memories Through Immersive Attractions

You’re in the business of emotions and memories. You want to increase revenue and make an impact on guests, but one big challenge stands in the way: in-home entertainment.

If you want to get customers off the couch and in your center, you must provide amazing experiences they can’t get at home. People deserve to have memorable experiences with friends and family, and you should be the one who delivers these memories.

 Press Releases

  • Creative Works has announced Lucky Putt Golf, a technology-driven social attraction for entertainment businesses, the first of which will be installed at Andretti Indoor Karting & Games in January 2020.

    Creative Works found a way to modernize this popular past-time and incorporate proprietary software, sensors, and triggers to take the experience to a new level.

    “This attraction is a game-changer for entertainment venues,” commented Armando Lanuti, President of Creative Works. “We worked hard to create a super-sized experience unlike anything else on the market. I think we have something truly special and we can’t wait to show it off at IAAPA this year.”

    The patent-pending Lucky Putt attraction combines proprietary technology with the social and fun experience that made mini golf so popular. Players no longer use pencils and paper to keep track of scores at every hole (AKA challenge). With Lucky Putt, all of that has been automated. 

    The process is incredibly easy for players. They simply register at the giant touchscreen kiosk and then scan their putter at each challenge and sensors in the course track the movement of their ball.

    Lucky Putt gamifies the mini golf experience; the more points, the better. The scores are automatically calculated by the software and the totals follow each player from one challenge to the next. The automation of scoring allows players to focus on the social aspects of the Lucky Putt experience.

    Eddie Hamann, Managing Member of Andretti, purchased the first Lucky Putt attraction for the new location in Katy, TX and looks forward to being on the leading edge of social entertainment.

    “[We are] all about providing experiences that allow families to spend time together. I believe Lucky Putt will expand our age demographics by allowing younger guests to visit the location during the day while adults can experience it in the evenings while having a cocktail and enjoying our first class food choices." 

    Creative Works has been collaborating with Andretti Indoor Karting and Games for many years. The team looks forward to installing Lucky Putt in early 2020 to help Eddie and his team create more memories for guests.

    “Creative Works has been a key partner to our growth. They understand where we want to take our brand by giving us products that are unique to the environment we want to create for our valued guests. Also, they are just good people to be around who are very passionate about our amazing industry,” comments Hamann.

    Experience Lucky Putt at IAAPA Expo 2019 in booths 4272 and 4471. 

    Learn more about Lucky Putt

  • Creative Works announced that their leading attraction education program, LaserTAG360, has been rebranded to Amusement 360 and will include upgraded training initiatives for startups and operators.

    LaserTAG360 started in 2011 as an event designed to help operators open immersive attractions at new or existing family entertainment centers (FECs). The event originally focused on laser tag. But over the years, Creative Works expanded the content to deliver a 360-degree education that applies to any attraction.

    The new name of Amusement 360 makes it more apparent that the initiative goes well beyond laser tag. Danny Gruening, Creative Works’ VP of Marketing, explained the decision to rebrand.

    “For many years, our educational content has covered all aspects of entertainment development and operations. The new Amusement 360 name more accurately represents the content we’ve already created. And it allows us to continue building new content to cater to the evolving needs of operators in this industry.”

    The education event has grown substantially for Creative Works over the last few years and 2019 saw a record number of attendees. In addition to the event, Creative Works wanted to provide additional educational materials, industry discounts, and training and operations initiatives for FEC operators. 

    The new Amusement 360 program consists of three main pillars: 360 Event (formerly the LaserTAG360 event), 360 Insights, and 360 Training. The 360 Insights allow operators to jump in right away with free educational articles and videos on the website. The 360 Event is 3 days of amusement education for both startups and operators. And the brand-new 360 Training provides personalized, on-site attraction training for employees and owners.

    For those who attend the 360 Event, there’s an added bonus. They will gain access to 360 Advantage, a collection of exclusive discounts, deals, and offers from the partners and vendors who support Amusement 360. The total value of these discounts exceeds $20,000.

    The first 360 Event will take place on February 18-20, 2020 in Indianapolis, IN. Two more events are scheduled in 2020: June 8-10 and October 6-8. 

    “This event is one of my favorite parts about working in this industry,” commented Gruening. “I love bringing together aspiring entrepreneurs, operators, and industry experts for multiple days of learning and networking. We have some amazing content planned for 2020, and we expect all 3 events to sell out.”

    Creative Works has had the pleasure to educate hundreds of operators over the years and looks forward to continuing to assist many more operators in any way possible. Brit Jacobs from Langer Entertainment LLC says the event is “A must for the owner considering building or upgrading a facility. Would recommend revisiting every 3 years at a minimum.”

    “I learn something every time, even though we’ve been in the business as long as we have,” adds Joe Aboid, owner of Putt Putt Fun Center.

    Learn more about this upgraded program and register at


  • 00. Hologate Blitz
    From the creators of the 5-time award winning Hologate Arena attraction comes a ground-breaking motion simulator platform....

  • Hologate Blitz is the ground-breaking new product from the global leader in location based VR. Following in the footsteps of the worldwide success of the Hologate Arena, we are proud to introduce the next big thing in out-of-home VR: Hologate Blitz, a motion simulator platform fully optimized from the ground up to be the gateway to a new VR experience.

    The Hologate Blitz was designed from the start as a multiplayer, flying and racing platform. It allows 2, 4, or 8 players to fully immerse themselves in magical worlds filled with fire breathing dragons, epic space battles, and futuristic racers. And that‘s just a glimpse into the possibilities of total fantasy immersion.

    • Anchor Attraction – Hologate Blitz is a revolutionary, premium product, unmatched by other motion simulators.
    • 100% Comfort Ratio – Experience absolutely no motion sickness due to extremely low latency and our next-level network and code design.
    • Premium Range of Motion – The Hologate Blitz can move almost a full meter in height and can tilt ±30° in every direction.
    • Flying and Racing – The futuristic steering wheel can be easily switched from 1 axis to 2 axis control allowing you the widest range of games.
  • 00. Lucky Putt Golf
    Lucky Putt is mini golf re-imagined for entertainment businesses. It blends the nostalgic joy of classic mini golf from your childhood with proprietary technology to deliver an unforgettable social experience....

  • The Attraction Experience

    Lucky Putt welcomes your customers to the future of mini golf: no paper or pencil needed. Our scoring system has been digitized to streamline score tracking so players can focus on the experience.

    1. Players and teams register using the touchscreen kiosk.
    2. During their turns, the player scans their putter at the golf challenge to start.
    3. Players complete the golf challenge to earn points (bonus points for speed).
    4. Score are automatically tracked and can be viewed on monitors throughout the course.

    The sensors work in tandem with custom effect lighting and sound to create surprise events when players hit certain triggers. We merge these effects with robotics, dynamic props, and a proprietary software platform to bring the course to life while helping to ensure repeat play and a memorable experience.

    Engage Millennials

    Lucky Putt is designed to help you reach Millennials. Why? These consumers are in their prime discretionary spending period, they place more value on experiences than physical goods, and they proportionately spend more of their money on entertainment than any other generation. It’s no coincidence that the top facilities in this industry are finding ways to engage Millennials. Lucky Putt is your answer to reach this generation.

    Real Talk

    In traditional mini golf, everything is smaller: the putters, the holes, and the pencils. We let our imaginations take the wheel to develop a super-sized experience that will help you beat in-home entertainment. If you’re ready to graduate to a new level of customer engagement and attraction technology, Lucky Putt is your answer.

    Learn More About Lucky Putt

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