Milspec Industries  

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 5550

We are Milspec

Milspec Industries is a leading manufacturer of electrical wire and cable for over 50 years.

Milspec Industries offers a complete line of the finest electrical wire, high visibility extension cords, plugs, and connectors.

Milspec Industries offers custom private labeling on extension cords, and wire for theft prevention and customer recognition.

Stop by and see our new ,  60amp 120/208 up to 225 amp 480 volt  Power Distribution Units. We also have a fine selection of 3 phase molded products that have never been introduced to IAAPA !

Visit our booth and ask about our show specials.


  • Pro Lock Extension Cord
    Pro Lock™ 12/3 SJTW Lighted Extension Cord with CGM...

  • Each of our Pro Lock Extension Cords are molded with our patented Pro Lock connector.  When a cord with a standard u-ground 15A-125V, plug is inserted into our Pro Lock connector, it locks and won't pull apart.  This prevents accidental disconnects that result in an inconvenient loss of power.  To release, simply pull down on the connector collar to disconnect the cords.  We have added our patented "CGM" Continuous Ground Monitoring system to our Pro Lock connector that indicates there's ground continuity in the cord for added safety.
  • Pro Glo Extension Cords
    Pro Glo® 12/3 SJTW Lighted Extension Cord with CGM...

  • This heavy duty coldweather PVC cord is equipped with our patented "CGM" Continuous Ground Monitoring connector. This latest safety feature identifies that there is ground continuity in a circuit when the green light turns on. In addition, the lighted amber male plug indicates there is power flowing through the cord.
  • Temporary Power Distribution Box
    Temporary Power Distribution Box...

  • Power Tech’s Temporary Power Distribution Box is used by contractors on jobsites (indoor or outdoor) to provide and distribute power from temporary power poles or jobsite generators. Our box is ETL approved for indoor and outdoor use. All outlets have circuit breaker overload protection and all U-Ground outlets are GFCI protected. This offers the highest levels of electrical safety. Multiple 15/20A outlets, and 30A and 50A Twistlocks provide the most popular power outlets that contractors use.
  • GFCI Extension Cords
    GFCI Extension Cords...

  • Power Tech® GFCI Extension Cords and adapters offer extra shock protection by incorporating GFCI units rated at 20A. Our patented solid state GFCI unit provides protection from electrical shock by interrupting the circuit to a load when a fault current of 6mA or higher is detected. It offers neutral protection, ground neutral protection, and built in surge protection.

  • 150-AMP 120/208VOLT WEATHER RESISTANT PANEL, equipped as follows:          

    *             Weather resistant panel enclosure

    *             Set of mini-cam inlets (reverse neutral & ground)

    *             (6) 50-amp 240-volt 2-pole breakers

    *             (2) 20-amp 120-volt single pole breakers

    *             (6) CS6369 50-amp 125/250-volt receptacles

    *             (2) 20-amp 120-volt GFCI duplex receptacles

    *             (8) Weather resistant spring-loaded covers


  • 75KVA STEP DOWN TRANSFORMER, equipped as follows,           

    *             (1) 75KVA aluminum coil transformer, 480V D primary / 120/208V Y secondary

    *             (1) 100A 3Pole 480V Type GD Thermal Magnetic Circuit Primary Breaker

    *             (1) Set of 480-volt mini-cam inlets on black anodized mounting plate

    *             (1) CS8169 50A 3PH 480V twist-lock receptacle with breaker protection

    *             (3) CS8369 50A 3PH 250V twist-lock receptacles with breaker protection

    *             (8) 20A 125V GFCI duplex receptacles with breaker protection

    *             (1) L6-30R 30A 250V 1PH twist-lock receptacle with breaker protection

    *             (1) L21-30R 30A 120/208V 3PH twist-lock receptacle with breaker protection

    *             (1) Heavy duty powder coat base frame

    *             (1) Set of heavy-duty locking casters (2-swivel/2-fixed)

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